A mistake is a lifelong lesson...

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I am @rasel72. From #Bangladesh.

How are you all ? Hope you all are well. I am fine too Once again I appeared among you to share another new post of mine. Hope you can learn from this post. Let's start-

We should always be careful while working on anything Every step, we should go through thoughtfully Because one mistake is crying for the whole life. But there are many of us, who sit and work without thinking about anything good This happens quite a bit in my life. I try to work very hard For which read a little more in danger. Let me tell you an incident from yesterday. I tutor some students privately Currently I have two batches I have to constantly buy marker pens for teaching Even need to buy 2 every week sometimes.


Yesterday while going to teach I bought a marker pen from a library and asked the store to give me a marker pen. The shopkeeper also gave it. I took the pen without seeing anything and went to teach with the money. But later, while writing with the pen, I saw that the shopkeeper gave me a permanent marker pen. What is written can never be erased. I then thought that this danger had happened to Tarahuru. Actually our life is just like that Before doing anything, if I had seen and thought properly, then I would have got success.



I wouldn't have had this problem if I had bought the pen at the store when I bought it. We have to be careful in every step we take. So that we can ease the way forward I hope some of you have learned something from my topic today We should always think before every action Various aspects should be considered.


See you again today with my new post Everyone will be fine, stay healthy See you again with my new post.

Thank you all for reading my post today.