Hospital Episode-1.....




It is difficult to say when human danger will come. A lot of times we go after the midst of danger while living in joy. Eid is a festival of joy for Muslims. I came home from the mess because of Eid. Coming home means spending some happy days. But a lot of the time to come to enjoy the danger is to wear Last Tuesday I came home from the mess. I got tired when I came home. Anyway, I somehow managed to get through the day. Then I woke up the next morning and sat on the veranda. Suddenly my little aunt called me and said, my big aunt is very sick, so I have to go. As soon as I heard that, I got ready and left

My great aunt has no children and her husband has also died So we have to see all his issues I went to their house and saw that my aunt was very ill and I took her to the hospital. At that time it was about 9 o'clock in the morning Aunt could not walk on her own He seems to have been taken away by two men. My little aunt and I took her to the hospital Then I showed the doctor from there The doctor admitted him to the hospital and gave him some tests. Since I was fasting, I had a hard time getting around the hospital. There is nothing to do even if it is difficult, aunt has to see a doctor

Then I left my aunt on the second floor and finished all the work of checking Then I showed the reports to the doctor who was on duty at the hospital. Aunt was fairly good then. Then I went home in the evening leaving my aunt in the hospital. Since I was fasting, I hurried home to break my fast. I left my little aunt to look after her I didn't go to the hospital at night anymore, because I got sick after walking around the hospital all day. So he did not go at night. After calling the hospital in the morning, the aunt said your great aunt is very ill, I said show the doctor, see what he says.

Anyway, I spent two days like that. Then my aunt got sicker, so I got out of the hospital at 1am on Thursday night and saw her with a good doctor from outside. Seeing the doctor, he said that Aunt Istok had 6 Due to which the left side of his side has become numb I mean, it's called paralysis. On the left side he can't do anything or walk After seeing the doctor, I took my aunt to our house at around 2 am. Since she has no children, I have brought her to our home to take care of her Until he recovers, he will stay at our house Today, after three days, I am taking my aunt to different places like this.

It will continue.........