The Main Event of Marvel's Spiderman.

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Let's talk about the first mission of Marvel's Spiderman Remastered that I've successfully finished and uploaded the gameplay above 👆

Screenshot (1).png

It was a cool menu screen with spiderman hanging on a building.
The first thing I needed to do was selecting the difficulty and I selected "AMAZING" as this difficulty is for players who like a balanced expertise with some challenge and I'm that kinda player for sure.

Screenshot (2).png

Then before I start, I had the option to the settings where I could change the language that I didn't need to, I could change some in game options and I ignored that as well and then I had the option to turn on subtitles and I did that as I like to understand the whole story with a good subtitle always.

I've already chose the higher graphics setting from the game launcher so I didn't have to go through it again.

Now what? Now it's time to be spiderman.
Let's START.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand the very first cinematic. The cinematic was real cool, you gotta check it out from the uploaded video above 👆

Screenshot (3).png

A spider was swinging beside the window and I know it's not the lucky spider that gave the power to spiderman.


Screenshot (4).png

Screenshot (5).png

There were some photos of Peter with Aunt May and Uncle Ben and one from a food emergency and shelter training called F.E.A.S.T.


Screenshot (6).png

Screenshot (7).png

There's the mechanism of the web shooters. Yes our spiderman doesn't shoot web from inside the body like Toby's spiderman, our spiderman is more like the amazing spiderman of Andrew.

Screenshot (8).png

There were two piggy bank jar where our spiderman saves money, one for vacation and another one or a new laptop although those jar barely had some money in them.


And here's the mask of spiderman that our peter parker was upgrading with some stitches designs maybe.

Screenshot (10).png

There were some newspaper headlines about like Fisk, Vulture Squawks etc and some notes beside them and a phone over the table, yes its peters phone.

Screenshot (11).png

Peter was sleeping and got police dispatch saying level four mobilization and the location is Fisk Tower.
Peter jumped from the bed and started getting ready.

Screenshot (12).png

The toaster looks cool which is a manual electric version the picks the break auto and plugs it up after it getting toasted.

Screenshot (13).png

He was attaching the web shooter on his hand bracelets.

Screenshot (14).png

Took the mask from under the scope where it was being stitched,

Screenshot (15).png

and suited up. NOW NOW... Time to sing the song... Spiderman, spiderman.

Screenshot (17).png

Whooooooa system loading which means our spiderman has digital facilities in the suit like the spiderman of Tom Holland has.

Screenshot (18).png

There was an urgent final notice of a bill says, "Pay your bills, Peter" and its past due already.

Screenshot (19).png

Screenshot (20).png

He was about to get the notice paper but he was listening to police dispatch so he left the bill paper where it was.

Screenshot (21).png

And he jumped out of the window and did some swinging which looked real cooooool.
There I had some tutorials on how to swing as spiderman and believe me it felt amazing. I've played mroe versions of spiderman before and I won't say that I didn't enjoy them but I enjoyed being this spiderman far far better.

Screenshot (22).png

Screenshot (23).png

It was a total massacre on the road and the real culprit is Wilson Fisk aka Kingpin. Fisks men were attacking the polices and the polices had to be silent before the big guns.

Screenshot (24).png

A fearsome police officer then tried to shoot the bad peoples but there were no one then.

Screenshot (25).png

And a big oil tanker came towards the police vehicles and there was a big explosion happened.

Screenshot (26).png

Screenshot (27).png

Fisks men were about to kill that fearsome police officer and our spiderman was taking everyones guns out.

Screenshot (28).png

Now I had to fight all of them and fighting as spiderman never gets tired for the spider sense facility. If I use the spider sense (which is known as dodge in this game) at the right time then I might never get a single hit from anyone.

Screenshot (29).png

After knocking out all the bad men there, Spiderman was telling Yuri who is a friendly police officer that all done.


Screenshot (30).png

There was another explosion near the Fisk Tower where Yuri and other police officers were staying.
I swinged to that place fast to see if everything was okay or not.

Screenshot (31).png

Yuri was fine and Fisks men were attacking them with explosives and guns.
Yuri asked Spiderman to do what he wishes to and our spiderman was happy about that and it was like Hulk getting permission to smash.

Screenshot (34).png

Screenshot (32).png

Spiderman went inside the Fisk Tower where there some polices fighting with Fisks men already but they couldn't move forward so I cleared the path after knocking the bad men out.


Screenshot (38).png

I had to enter the server room but the door was locked from inside and I could see the bad men from outside.
Then I used a vent to get inside and I knocked them out first.


Screenshot (39).png

Spiderman then started doing his trick with the computer.

Screenshot (40).png

And Fisk appeared on the big screen and was acting like he doesn't care about what we are doing here.

Screenshot (41).png

Spiderman did his job smoothly with the computer and completed the download that he needed to.

Screenshot (42).png

Then spiderman got to know that there are civilians struck inside so I ran forwards in parkour style to save the civilians.


Screenshot (43).png

Screenshot (44).png

There was this scene that we saw in Tobbys spiderman 2 where spiderman saved Marry Jane from the destruction.

Screenshot (45).png

Screenshot (46).png

And now there comes bad men with bazooka and shot me with the big rockets but I had the spider sense you know.
Although I took some hit cause I was not attentive enough but I knocked them out too.

Screenshot (47).png

Then Spiderman went to another floor seeing bomb squad polices and the bomb squad officer asked Spiderman to lead the way.

Screenshot (48).png

Spiderman was leading the way and someone whisper in the comms, "Heads up boss".

Screenshot (49).png

Screenshot (50).png

And they aimed spiderman and our spiderman sensed that they're Fisks men in police costumes.

Screenshot (51).png

Screenshot (52).png

He evaded the attacks in a cool style.

Screenshot (53).png

And then I knocked out those peoples as well.
And now its time to face the big man.

Screenshot (54).png

Screenshot (55).png

Fisk aka Kingpin was writing something up and he was in a calm situation it seemed.

Screenshot (56).png

As soon as spiderman went near the big man, Fisk himself locked himself in a hard glass box

Screenshot (57).png

Screenshot (58).png

And activated automatic loaded guns that were started attacking me.

Screenshot (59).png

I didn't need much time to take those out and I used those big guns to break the glass box.

Screenshot (60).png

And then Fisk was out to face the wrath of spiderman.

Screenshot (61).png

Spiderman was challenging Fisk to take his best shot as he was threatening spiderman from the very beginning.

Screenshot (63).png

I was doing good in fighting the big man and even after that he got me in the cinematic which was not in my hand.

Screenshot (64).png

Screenshot (65).png

At a point, we were in the air and you know, our spiderman can fly but this big man can't so I had the chance to take him out easily on air.

Screenshot (66).png

Spider-Man: So, should we kiss now? Now that's a great joke.

Screenshot (67).png

Screenshot (69).png

Screenshot (70).png

The Main Event was completed and I earned 4100 XP and went to level 2 from levle 1.

Screenshot (71).png

Screenshot (72).png

Then I had the skill tree where I have the chance to upgrade the skills and I had some available skill points that I used to upgrade some skills.

That's all for now.
I'll swing again soon.

Be safe till we meet again.
Au revoir/Goodbye.

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I see a lot of peoples are loving this game and some are even talking about the 2nd part.
Swinging looks better than previous versions of spider man games.
You got some cool screenshots.


Its an amazing game, buddy. And I agree that its faaaar better than any previous spiderman games that I've played although I didn't play them all.
Thanks for commenting.


Such a beautiful and fun game, and it had a great story. Just a very straight-forward but organized game that had amazing web-slinging, the screenshots in this game are fantastic! Great post and looking forward to seeing more!


I'm yet to discover the whole story but I'm already loving this game.
Feels great to fly as spiderman.


Yeah the web-slinging was what sold it for me. They managed to do some really great movement the details of the surrounding environment -- lights, shadows, reflections, and just the sound of the city around you while you're flying through the air is very exciting.