Enjoying Aceh Noodle at Misbah Noodle Shop in Sigli Town

We were stopping by a noodle shop in Sigli a few days ago when we were back from Banda Aceh. We had Acehnese noodle for our lunch. It’s our first time to taste noodle cooked by Misbah Noodle Shop chef. However, I was sure that the noodle must be delicious and tasty as I know Sigli is the home of noodle chef in Aceh Province.

We ordered three portions of noodle. The noodle was cooked with thick spicy soup. If you could not tolerate spicy food, this one is not for you. 😁 My family and I love to enjoy spicy dishes.

Here is the presentation of spicy acehnese noodle. The various ingredients used for noodle soup, that made it so tasty. Acehnese foods is influenced so much by Indian and Arabic cuisines as in the past many Indian and Arab traders stayed and made family in Aceh. It’s a long history, that makes Aceh is rich of different cultures and cuisines. Not only Indian and Arabic, but also Chinese cuisines.


When we enjoying Acehnese noodle, the dish is also accompanied by melinjo chips. The chips are made of Gnetum gnemon nuts. The chip is so favorite in Aceh.


We asked the chef to add some shrimps and squids for our noodle dishes. My daughter was loving so much to enjoy the noodle. But, she doesn’t finish it since the noodle was more spicy than she expected.


Honestly, the taste of Acehene noode by Misbah chef is totally delicious. I highly recommend this noodle shop when you are in Sigli.

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