The charm of tiny butterflies

Hello everyone good afternoon wherever you are, how are you today? Hope everything will be fine.

Today I am again showing all of you here a picture of a beautiful insect whose color appearance is so charming. Who else if not the beautiful butterflies who are visiting the garden.

As we know, butterflies are a type of insect that has many varied colors, one of which is the one I encountered today. The basic color is gray decorated with black spots and a little orange. The color patterns are so beautiful, even though it has a small body, it can appear stunning.

Even though there are many variations in color, butterflies have the same characteristics, namely compound eyes, two antennae, six legs and scales on their wings. The life process is also the same, starting from egg, caterpillar, cocoon and then turning into a beautiful butterfly that likes to visit colorful flowers.

The butterflies that I met are among the butterflies that are very easy to find, especially in green environments. This butterfly also does not fly high like butterflies in general. They always play near trees to protect themselves from the wind. If they wanted to move, they had to wait for the wind to subside.

That's all the discussion, let's see its beauty below👇


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