CyberWhistle: But You Have To Pay In Doge

Another day of 1000 unusual things the richest man in the world can endorse. Elon Musk, the richest man in the world known for his electric cars and space shuttle is also known for his unconditional love for meme coin, like the Dogecoin. He has shown his love and interest for the coin in so many ways, to the extent that he got sued for almost all he worths because, some investor blamed him for his loss.

We have seen Elon Musk endorse Dogecoin by making it the official currency used to purchase equipments in the company and also used as the acceptable means of currency to buy things from Tesla. It’s almost like he wishes he invented Dogecoin, or could it be he invented Dogecoin? He has been working with the doge team to find ways to improve the doge network, so for a man that didn’t build the network or invent it, he is sure working so hard to keep the coin relevant.

Dogecoin was once an undervalued coin because it was created as a meme coin to mock bitcoin, I will call it the shitcoin of the bitcoin era. Back to Elon Musk and his insane Dogecoin endorsement, his company has released a cyber whistle, like the cyber truck but a whistle. When I saw the post, I thought of how ridiculous this was until I realized it was a limited collectible for the Tesla die hard fans. But this cyberwhistle can be bought with DogeCoin, it cost about 1000 Dogecoin to get a cyberwhistle. If we are using the current price of Dogecoin it will cost $61 to buy a Tesla cyber whistle. Imagine spending that much for a whistle, well, look at the brighter side, it’s a collectible, and Elon Musk promised it will be louder than most whistles.

This whistle got sold out in less than a day, shows how much influence Elon Musk possesses. What are your thoughts on the whistle? Would you pay $61 for a cyberwhistle? Well, If I was an extreme doge fan or a Tesla die hard fan I would, because, they are limited and they are collectibles and there is a possibility that they will worth far more in the future because of how rare they are.

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