e-bay Acquires A Rare NFT Market Place


I guess e-bay wants to go e-commerce in all sector of commerce. Their latest venture is the NFT market place known as knownorigin. Knwonorigin is another leading NFT market place on the Ethereum blockchain. It’s quite a great market place as it’s UI/UX in my opinion seems to be quite nicer than Opensea. Funny how I have never heard of this NFT market place until this acquisition by e-bay. It’s known to be a leading NFT market place for rare NFTs. Don’t really know much about it but I guess it’s a good platform as they have massive followers on Twitter and e-bay is interested in it.


The world of e-commerce is evolving where platforms like e-bay which is known as one of the biggest e-commerce platform in the world. I remember e-bay showing interest in NFTs few weeks ago as they released their first ever NFT collection, I think on a platform called oneof and it was a sport illustrated NFT collection.

Knownorigin made a tweet announcing the acquisition of the NFT market place by e-bay but unfortunately some of the users under the comment section weren’t pleased with the announcement. E-bay acquired every thing in the NFT market place including the IP and the team. I think this means that the team is working for them right now.

In my opinion, the NFT space is still quite new, giving control to e-bay seems a little bit of out place because it’s highly centralized, do these people know how to run web 3 and decentralization? It’s obviously for the profit and taking advantage of the current trend which is NFT, and e-bay has lots of experience in the e-commerce space ranging for over 20 years. They have the resources to push the business beyond what is, by making it available on their e-bay platform. This will create more awareness on the NFT market place, besides e-bay will earn about 4% market charge when people trade NFTs on the marketplace, I think though, not really sure about those figures. So yeah, it’s good business for e-bay.

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