Exploring CUB Flexible & Fixed-Term Staking

Incase you haven’t noticed, the cub staking has been moved from the old to the new, this means that there are new cub staking option right now. I just decided to go check out my cub stake and realised that its been in my wallet, I guess the old contract has expired. A hiver brought the last @leofinance post to my attention and that explained why my cub was in my wallet instead of being staked.
Screenshot 20221124 at 9.22.55 PM.png
Turns out that the cub kingdom has changed, it’s moved from old to new, this time around you have two staking options, the flexible staking option and the fixed staking option. Now you have the choice of staking your cub for a longer period of time with higher APR, that is for the fixed staking option. While the flexible staking option is an option that allows you stake and unstable your cub anytime but with a lower APR compared to the fixed staking. I have had my cub for over a year now, though the value is very low now compared to the value I got it, I am not selling, what is the worse thing that can happen? Exactly, so the best I can do is keeping staking and keep accumulating.

I decided to go for the locked period, although I realised that the difference is fixed is 23.4% APR while flexible is 11.45% APR, but the locked period is for 12 months, that means one year, while the flexible staking is flexible, anytime, but it will take 0.1% unsticking fee if you withdraw within 72 hours, I dont know if this implies for just the flexible staking or both the fixed and flexible staking. So if you have been staking cub and haven’t checked on your cub stake, I will advise you go check it out now.

I still have hope on the cub price has the team behind it are steady working hard to keep the sustainability goal going, the cub buy back and burn feature is great to keep the price stable and increase it overtime. Still needs patience and lots of demand from people to give it its true value.

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