Finance Related Movies and Documentaries(Part 2)


Few days ago I made a post Finance Related Movies and Documentaries this is for the finance addicts that love anything finance. I don’t know about anyone else, but the moment you tell me a particular movie is related to finance or making some life changing financial decisions, I automatically get interested.

The list for today looks interesting and it contains lots of finance documentaries.

We will start of with:


Margin Call
This movie is a Stock Trading Fiction released in 2011. Starred Stanley Tucci, Zachary Quinto and Kevin Spacey as the lead actors.


Wall Street Warriors
This is Wall Street documentary that was released in 2006. It has Nathalie Emmanuel, Mark Jawdoszyn and Brett Hickey as the lead role


The Ascent Of Money
This is a financial documentary released in 2008. We have Richard Lintern , Gareth Armstrong and Niall Ferguson as the lead role here.


Million Dollar Traders*
This movie is a finance series released in 2009. Lex Van Dam and Andrew Lincoln are the lead actors.


Capitalism: A Love Story*
This movie was released in 2009 and is a finance documentary starring Jimmy Carter, Michael Moore and William Black.


If you are a big time fan of stock trading, I think you will find this stock trading documentary exciting. Right here we have Ron Beebe, Jeff Ansani and Bobby Ansani as the lead actors. This movie was released in 2009.


Released in 2010, Freakonomics is a finance documentary movie released in 2010. We have Melvin Van Peebles, James Ramsone and Tempestt Bledsoe as the lead actors.


Chasing Madoff
This movie was based off a Stock Market Scam true story. Released in 2010 starred Bernie Madoff, where some archive footages were gotten, Gaytri Kachroo and Frank Casey as the lead actors.


Inside Job
Starring Matt Damon’s voice, Andri Snaer Magnason and Gylfi Zoega. This is based on the financial crisis that occurred in 2008.

Date of release : 2011

Note: The list was compiled and the images were used based off my inpiration from Instagram. The images used here weren’t my own.

Tell me how what you feel about this list

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Watch StartUp on Netflix if you can.

First season is actually about crypto and it's been around since 2016 but didn't get popular until Netflix picked it up from some other random streaming service.


I think I will love this series. Not really have time to watch movies these days because of hive but I will put it on my to-watch list. Thanks a lot for this recommendation