Jupiter DCA As An IDO Means


I have been in the crypto space for quite a while now and I know a lot about the crypto space, some times we are filled wit numerous information and options we forget some of them. 2 months ago Jupiter distributed its JUP airdrop to Jupiter users, if you dont know Jupiter, Jupiter is a DEX platform on the Solana ecosystem, this a DEX platform that lets people swap tokens, they buy or sell tokens with Jupiter exchange, really cool to use.Before the airdrop I didn’t really care about the platform, but during the launch of the airdrop I noticed there was this feature called the DCA feature. It’s practically a Dollar Cost Average feature, which in my opinion is like placing a limit order.

Screenshot 2024-04-04 at 2.35.55 PM.png

Basically, it’s another way of doing some IDO buying when a token launches, like getting the best price of a token when it launches. The solana system is known to be filled with a lot of liquidity, people are constantly trading tokens and memes, Jupiter is mostly used, so any token launched from their launchpad has done so well so far, but you have to do your own research of course. I tried the DCA feature and it’s not as effective as I thought, because, why was the listing price said to be $0.3 and it listed at $0.7. My DCA price was set at $0.35, unfortunately the token didn’t launch at $0.35 so my DCA didn’t go through.

I am yet to understand the DCA feature of Jupiter properly, it seems like a limit order feature, why have a limit order feature and a DCA feature if it means the same thing? I guess its something I am missing, who knows?

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