Phantom Wallet: Solana Wallet To Add Ethereum & Polygon

The crypto world needs more non custodial wallets for obvious reasons, then with another fact that the only non custodial wallet option that accommodates a variety of other blockchain options decided to state that it will be collecting users data and tracking IP address. Now we have a lot of people seeking for an alternative option just so they can have control of their finances and their information as well. This wallet is no other than metamask.

Metamask is a good non custodial wallet, but if we are being honest it gets frustrating sometimes due to its lagging on mobile devices and sometimes on PCs. This is why we need varieties, so they came lots of DEX wallets like phantom. Phantom is a Solana based DEX wallet, at least for now, as they will be integrating both Ethereum and Polygon on the wallet soon. I have been using it for about 5 months now and I can tell that its nice and easy to use. The user experience is nice, I later found out that the creator of the phantom wallet created phantom wallet out of metamask frustration, and now its one of the best DEX Solana wallets.

It willl be nice to have other options like the phantom wallet to connect with varieties of other apps, at least with the new ethereum and polygon integration it will be a step, people can safely store their assets on phantom because, currently it seems your data and information is currently ore safe on the phantom wallet more than the metamask wallet. Phantom is already doing great with NFTs on the Solana blockchain, which is great for Solana’s scalability, imagine coupling that with the polygon and the ethereum blockchain. If the wallet succeeds with its integrations without any faults, you are going to have a lot of people flooding the wallet and utilising the ethereum and polygon dapps on it. At least to my best of knowledge, because I have used phantom and its pretty good, as a matter of fact, I am still using it.

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