Affiliate Income in Cryptocurrency....

One of the most efficient way to keep generating revenue is via affiliate links! Just sit back and enjoy the returns as the amount piles up, even when you are sleeping. Such passive incomes are much needed in our lives.

It would be very difficult to find someone who does not seek this sort of passive income. In the realm of crypto, there are several ways to utilize this phase. I have been able to come across few aspects of getting the benefit of affiliate links. Which sort of is pushing me to seek out other ways of making proper use of affiliate promotions.

There are plenty of ways where a person can get a decent amount of return from affiliate links. I have seen people live by off of these incomes. It is no doubt, to reach to that certain place where getting a decent amount of return (via affiliate) is always going to be difficult. But why not start from somewhere.

Various Means

Upon going through several web pages and videos, I have been trying to learn, how wisely I can use the means of this affiliate links. Well, the journey is going to be a long one and I have a lot to learn that I can say for sure. But to begin with there are steps that I am trying to follow and make the best out of those steps.

Being an early adopter of crypto there are different advantages that we can avail! The more connectivity one has with the audience, the more advantage you have. I have done marketing job in the past. If I am being honest, this is probably one of the hardest job that is available out in the open market. Even after that, there are lucrative incentive for performing tasks in this sector. The more places you are recognized, the more likely you are going to get a decent return from affiliates.


Like I said, as an early adopter of crypto, there are few tasks that I have completed in the past. The results of which I was not expecting at all. Since, during those times I was not expecting anything from the tasks that I was performing. It was sort of like helping out others along the way.

Binance, one of the leading cryptocurrency exchange to exist till date. Nowadays, it is sort of difficult to find someone who knows about crypto and do not have an account in here (unless country banned). Getting an affiliate bonus from this place is sort of difficult.

The other day, as I was roaming through my Binance account, I found there are split balances hovering around my account. As you can see there are 111 coins in my account. All of them are referral bonus that came into my account. Pretty crazy for someone like me who did not participated much into Binance marketing in the past.

Screenshot 2023-02-26 124440.png
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My first impression was WTH! Although, the total value of these coins are close to nothing. If I am being honest, there are few coins which I have never even heard of. Pretty crazy indeed.

All time Income (from ref)

As of the current market price of BTC the amount of reward that I have obtained is close to $85. I must say, this is something which I was not expecting at all. Well, like I said this amount may not be much but I am surprised myself to see sth holding this much value.

Image source

What I am implying to say? There are few aspects which really got me thinking, I should focus a little more on these small details. These affiliate does not cost much of an effort to put out through the audience of mine. As a content creator there are indeed opportunities surfing for us all to make the best use of these options.

Well, my experience with affiliate links has not been that much. I have not really focused much with these activities. But seems like it is time to give some deep thoughts into these sort of small activities and who knows if the right person hits it, we might get lucky to hit a jack pot lol. FYI, the last 24 jackpot of ref income in Binance was more than 6 BTC. Pretty insane, right?

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From what I have seen in crypto most of this affiliate programs have a catch, most of the time withdrawing and percentages are small, I guess when you have a large following and grinding every day can start getting referrals but at the same time have to be promoting a service or a product, and I dont trust most projects neither exchanges so its hard to promote something