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Splinter family, there has been quite a few good news lurking in the land of Splinterlands. As a player of Splinterlands, I am already excited for the next phase of this game. With so much going on, seems like 2023 is going to an exciting year for the players of Splinterlands!

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Among various news in the realm of Splinterlands, lets talk about the recent hype which has been going on within the players of Splinterlands. FINAL Chaos Legion Legendary Summoner LILY SHIELDPAW has been airdropped! Lily Shieldpaw has been gaining positive feedback from the players. Making it one of the best summoner to play with in different battle rules.


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The Last Airdrop

Upon being eligible for the last airdrop, I got 8 standard foil cards. While looking at the market the current price of this card have stand out to approximately $27. So figuring out the actual value of the airdrop would come out at $217 to be exact. Not a bad day to start the day.

The biggest regret from the chaos legion pack sale airdrop is, I did not get a single Gold foil cards from all the 14 airdropped cards. Such a bad luck of mine! Seems like I am not that good with packs.

Screenshot 2023-02-27 164741.png

Coming to Chaos Legion Packs

As it seems we are onto the last 452,763 Packs Remaining from the sale of Chaos Legion packs. It has been a long run for the chaos legion packs. Much more than it was anticipated. With the 25k burns which are happening everyday, we are probably going to run out of packs within three weeks. This is going to be such an exciting event, for all the players within the game.

Screenshot 2023-02-27 143801.png

As you can see the market has been acting very positively over the last couple of hours. As of writing this post, the 24 hour market of Splinterlands has crossed over $135K. This a much more appreciable achievement to make.

Among all this let us not forget about GENESIS LEAGUE SPORTS

I have been getting hyped up with everything that is happening around Splinterlands. Splinterlands is slowly moving towards decentralization. Now there are lots of important decisions which are being made by the community. Baby steps towards full decentralization. Since we are talking about the future, I have been making progress in terms of accumulating GLX token.

Couple of days back, I created a post, where I was talking about my GLX stake! Today I added up few more (700+) GLX and staked them up. Which makes my holding of GLX reach to 6383 as of writing this post.

Screenshot 2023-02-27 171031.png

Compounding GLX with SplexGG

I have made some goals to achieve in 2023. Having GLX and SPS are among those goals. Currently I am compounding my GLX every 15 minutes. Yes, manually staking once a day was what I was doing in the beginning. While after that I shifted to the service of 1 hour waiting period of compounding GLX. But I purchased a service of Splexgg, which is not that much, approximately $2 worth of DEC. It allowed me to take the facility of staking GLX and SPS every 15 minutes.

Now, since we get compound interest on our total balance this facility would help me to get some extra GLX and SPS during the 1 month period($2 for one month period).

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My gameplay Stats

I am currently playing Splinterlands and so far I have been able to reach Silver 3. Damn, I am having a tough time as it seems. I probably need to figure out a strategy before it is too late lol. Well, I am looking forward to the next season. As a lot of things are about to change and I am indeed going to implement some changes in my gameplay and also re-invest to upgrade some of my cards in the battle. SO the next season is going to be an exciting one for me.

Screenshot 2023-02-27 172302.png

What have you been upto lately in the realm of Splinterlands?

Best regards

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