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Hive blockchain has been a nest for content creators for years! It has been taking baby steps over the years, so that it has been growing so much over the time. The blockchain has been making its stance strong as days are passing by! New stats, Dapps, inventions have been introduced to us and still to date, HIVE Dev's never seem to stop us from being amazed with the updates that they are bringing into the chain.

We have seen Dapps such as HIVE-Stats which shows our entire Hive data in one place, games such as Wrestling Organizationonline, Muttera, a brand new internal market UI, Hive DEX.io of course not to forget Splinterlands and upcoming Genesis League Sports and much more. A lot of potential and promising projects are being built on top of HIVE Blockchain. Making the blockchain of HIVE a real nest for all sorts of people across the globe. The authentic Web3 of the 21st century.

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Alpha Leo Finance.io

A week back, Hive blockchain got introduced to a new version of Leo Finance. AKA also being named as Project blank, the Everything APP! A lot has been going on in the universe of Leo finance and I must admit this new addition has been something which many content creators were in need.

Before introducing something new to the community, the prime focus of that new invention should be :

  • Is it solving any sort of issues that are currently being faced by the community

  • What would be future impact of that invention

  • How will the team utilize, all the promises and funds allocated

  • Previous records of the team

Let us see what this everything app has to offer us and what would be the impact of this app in the coming days.

The Everything App for Hive

The everything app does summarize what it will offer us in its name itself. While going up in details we will have different opportunities within this app and it will integrate :

Hive Blockchain Technology
Web3 Principles of Immutable Content
True User Account and Data Ownership
LeoInfra Onboarding for Hive Lite Accounts
Community Pages
and so much more!


Our Hive Blockchain, contains various types of content creators, investors, gamers and so on. Which makes it unique and disperse compared to other blockchains. When it comes to blogging there has been an issue of short form contents. According to the many users of the blockchain of HIVE, short form contents are often considered as spam. Also many users in the past have tried to take the benefit of creating short contents and spam the eco system in various different ways. Not that, short form contents always end up in the wrong side of the bar but expressing in detailed information is mostly proffered in here by many of us.

As an example, an artist does not need words to describe his/her artwork, the visual artwork does suffice the work of that person. There are indeed some special cases, where short form contents are always appreciated and supported by the community. And plagiarism and trying to cheat the system is dealt with extreme prejudice.

Everything App seems to solve that issue

Now, all sorts of content creators have a say in here. Not that previously they were not able to to. But the Everything App has opened doors to all those who favors short form contents and would like to express their feelings within couple of words. This has been a major issue in the blockchain of HIVE. Now that it has been taken care of, I am already seeing users are really appreciating the fact where Everything App is playing a major role for increasing user activities within the eco-system. Which a very important necessity for our eco-system.

Twitter 2.0 experience but with freedom and no censorship

Being a user of Twitter, there has been lots of issues regarding using the app Twitter. Being one of the biggest community where people gather and share their thoughts, it has the monopoly of having censorship issues faced by countless members of Twitter. Here, on everything app that issue has been solved. A true Web3 experience can be felt and that even without holding back. Well, technically HIVE has been offering this from the very beginning but everything App really adopted it with such smartness ;) A praise is needed.

Authentic user experience, no bots whatsoever

We all know, how twitter is filled with bots. This has been a major issue which Twitter has been trying to solve. Well, guess what there will be close to no bots when it comes to sharing thoughts into the eco system of everything App. Well, it is not a fact that in the coming days, we sure are going to face a lot of bots activities but come on, this is the HIVE Blockchain, we can really make sure who the bots are and we can take care of them very wisely ;)

Opportunity of Earning

Unlike twitter, HIVE has already given the potential for its users to earn for sharing their thoughts with us. With Threads being introduced we are already seeing increased activities of HIVE users within the everything app. This does shows the importance of how much this app was needed. And also this has given another reason to share small thoughts with us all. A new beginning I would say!

A fact that I have admired

Leo-finance has given out the thought of introducing a new token for this app. I am honestly impressed by this step and I would like to thank the team for thinking this step out. As this has given me an additional hope that the team is doing this activities for the future betterment of the community. A big round of applause!

Since the app is in Alpha mode, there will be lots of bugs. I have been trying it out for some time and so far I have been introduced with few. While writing the post on Alpha Leofinance, I was not able to find Save my post as a Draft option. Is it missing?

If possible I would really like to minimize my left side of the whole webpage of Alpha Leofinance (which includes Home, Explore, Curated, Notifications, Profile etc) with a click. So that I would get little bit more space to do my tasks while writing a big post.

Another issue, that I am facing is upon writing my post elsewhere and pasting it on alpha leofinance I am facing this issue

Screenshot 2023-02-21 014236.png

I am trying out the site and will let know, if I find any new bug or any improvement that can be made for increasing the user experience.

Best regards

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