Five Years from the Past & Future in Splinterlands....



Splinterlands crossed five years of its journey! Five years, it is a very long period in the world of crypto. Surviving through ups and downs of crypto and making it to where Splinterlands is today, is an achievement itself. A dedicated community, developers, players, investors and a sustainable economy of this play to earn NFT game is phenomenon. Congratulations to the team of Splinterlands and everyone related to one of the best blockchain, play to earn, NFT game aka Splinterlands!

There has been amazingly amazing opportunities in the past to grab some beneficial deals in Splinterlands. May that it be cards, packs, different types of tokens or other attributes of the eco system. There were opportunities to get some best deals and make it work in our favor. Although, there has been FUD in many players mind, during those unwanted periods but proving every one wrong Splinterlands has survived with golden colors. Lucky were those who believed in this game and have made a fortune from the game. Those folks are still in the game till date and enjoying the game. Thus literally printing money from their investments.

Similar sort of situation is going on in Splinterlands at the moment. Why, you ask? Let me share my POV! Splinterlands has, various types of ways to generate revenue from the investments made into the game. To name a few, Staking rewards of SPS, playing tournaments, holding different types of assets and get rewarded, pooled rewards, playing ranked matches, season end rewards, airdrop for holding SPS, Validator license rewards and so on!

It is almost impossible to grab all the opportunities within the game, unless you have deep pockets. Although, some people are taking the benefits of these lucrative rewards from the game of Splinterlands. I as a fellow small time investor and player do not want to be left out of this opportunity.

Splintershards (SPS)

Make no mistake in the coming years a lot is going to change in the world of play to earn blockchain game! Splinterlands got a very wise start and that even for a span of years. Blockchain gaming is going to revolutionize this space. Making this gaming sector one of the best place to explore for investors and players. Which will attract revenue of different sorts.

SPS, being the native token of Splinterlands it has opportunities beyond our imagination. There has been countless play to earn games which has evolved over the period of last five years. Although, 95% or more have not seen to survive till date.But Splinterlands has made it through all the bears and bulls of those past years. Which not only gives hope but also describes the agility of the project.


I have very little doubt about this game reaching to big heights in the next five years or so. If that happens, I can only imagine where SPS would be during that time frame. Many people has issues regarding the supply of SPS (3,000,000,000) but do not forget there will be burning mechanisms initiated once DEC reaches its pegged value. This stage will create another SINK for SPS, which will initiate more and more decrease of supply of SPS from the total supply. In few years this burning mechanism would see a massive effect on both SPS and Splinterlands. Which is why the current market price of SPS, does not bother me very much! I would rather buy and stake/hodl SPS atm than sell of at this current price.

Goals to Reach :
Coins/Token nameAmount ATMTarget
Splintershards (SPS)44,437500k
Dark Energy Crystals (DEC)1,350,0001,0000,000
Splintertalk (SPT)1,27,2801,000,000


Screenshot 2023-05-28 013909.png

This week I was able to increase 2325 SPS, 100000 DEC and 29,000 SPT. Just imagine about the fact of SPS being listed on few reputed exchanges, SPS burning mechanism got deployed, DEC reached pegged value, Validator licenses became worthwhile! As a matter of fact, all this will happen in the coming years! Anybody missing this train, would probably feel a lot worse looking back to this present times!

The same goes for other assets of Splinterlands. I have been having a very keen eye on Splinterlands. I wish I had deep pockets to reserve all the goodies that are available right now. CL packs are worth less than $1.5, Validator licenses worth less than $700, cards are worth way less than their ATH, tokens are at a discounted price! I wish, I had deep pockets lol. I should stop ranting about what could happen and instead take action of what can happen with the things that I have in my ability.

My next targets to acquire are CL packs, cards! Although this is going to take a lot more time to bring it to reality.

Best regards

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Screenshot 2022-11-04 220516.png

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Strong goals within the Splinterlands real, maybe I should also translate some goals to get more motivation.