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For the last couple of days the crypto market has been showing some positive signs. The price of coins increasing, overall market being positive does gives some high hopes, may that it be even for few days. Amidst these price hikes, I have been getting texts from few people (mostly friends and brothers) about the market. And surprisingly some people are making some very good amount of money due to these short pumps. I was honestly surprised to see such things happening and I was just sitting around the corner and watching the show.

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To be honest, I can not entirely take the blame of this scenario. Not that I am being arrogant or stuff but it is more like, I have been busy with stuffs related to my real life. So much has been going on and yet I have been active on HIVE. That is an accomplishment, I would say! Well its still a long way to go.


I must say, one of the best but risky way to earn crypto is via trading. Some people earn thousands while some looses thousands. Besides, healthy trades are always welcomed. I have been watching the market for the last couple of hours and so far I am having mixed feelings about it.

If I have to say, how do I feel? I would probably say, the feeling is sort of overwhelming! But since I am out of trading for some time I am feeling how decisive I have become over the last couple of weeks. Few changes I am noticing in my selection of trades (dummy trades) I am not taking rough decisions, I am not getting hyped up, if I am missing any opportunities I am waiting for the next one. Damn I am indeed surprised in my behavior. I suppose behavioral change does happens in all of us.

On few of those dummy trades, I seem to be wrong at one out of 4. I guess, I have not done that bad. But loosing real money does hurts most than these dummy dollars. But coming to the point, all I am saying is things can flip quite easily while trading.

Well, I need some time in order to make things work for me. For that I would probably take a schedule and work on few things before I actually get into making money or worse loosing money lol.

One of the biggest issue which I would be facing is the issue of funds. At the moment handling liquid is the tough call. As most of my assets are in crypto and selling them at this position is going to make me regret big time. But taking out a portion would really help and if things goes as planned I can buy those crypto's back with the profit that I make. On the other hand, I would not be selling a huge chunk of my crypto in this dilemma. As things can go otherwise as well. Which is why calculating the risk as much as possible and going out with as minimal risk as possible.

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Why choose to try out the market at this period of time?

Well technically the market is looking really good. So far nothing out of the air is happening. Probably an organic growth happening. But since this is crypto anything can happen at any point of time. So I am not going to put up trades and go to sleep. Cash out everything before I pack up things in Binance or any other crypto exchange.

Let's see how do I perform in the next few days. And if things go according to plan, I will re-invest those into HIVE once again :) Peace out my friends!

Best regards

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