In current bear market, which Crypto Should I add into my portfolio?


Nothing seems to be changed! The same old usual trend seems to be going on in Crypto. Nothing new! The average price of coins are sort of declining in price. Making it quite lucrative for crypto hodlers to dive in and scoop up some coins of their choice. That even stocking up at a discounted price.

Since the market is currently on a bear trend, there are coins which does have promising futures, but at present the prices of coins (almost everyone) is far below, compared to their previous ATH. Which makes the current scenario quite desperate to have some coins in the portfolio. Following that trait, I have been trying to scoop up some coins and slowly building the portfolio of mine even in this bear market!


  • HIVE

Well, who does not want to have Hive-Power in their Hive account! With current price of 33 cents it is a must to have in our portfolio. I have been accumulating HIVE via commencing some quick trades with different pairs. So far the result has been quite satisfactory. Making me feel like king of trades once in a while. Although, if this current scenarios continues it will be quite easy to achieve the goal of mine in the long term.

Yes, this price decline of HIVE has made it very attractive to obtain. As people out there are panicking and complaining about the price of crypto but they probably forgot about obtaining them now at this prices are a steal. The faster one grabs this concept the easier it will be to grow up the ladder. Do not get me wrong I am in a huge loss (in terms of $$$ Value) in my crypto purchases. Although, I intend to keep stacking for the next bull run!

How much HIVE, is enough?

I do not know! Since, all our goals are different and we all have a different role to play! But an honest answer would be more the merrier. As much as I am serious about obtaining HIVE, the price is quite definitely a matter. In high prices it is almost impossible to obtain a bunch. But under current circumstances, there is some hope for us users to make the best use of this price and get them ASAP.


I want this guy so bad! But at present obtaining him is certainly a risky bet. As rumors suggest, BTC might go to 10k and seems like any sort of news might provoke it to reach at that level. Which is why this is probably a risky bet as of the moment. Since we can get more when the price gets lower. If I was a whale I would have scooped it up and DCA it if the price went down any lower. But fingers crossed on this one for the moment.


Since the recent FTX collapse, there seems to be an assumptions of a wallet which hold the funds of hack from FTX. Since the account is marked and governments and others are tacking it, it is quite difficult to make those funds liquidate. Due to that reason all of the funds are converted to ETH and held into that wallet. Making it one of the biggest holders of ETH. So rumor is that since it can not liquidate and have all that $$$$ they might be able to manipulate the market. By shorting they could make some insane amount of money! So atm I do not want to hold any ETH in my wallet. But it is in my todo list. And I definitely want ETH in my portfolio in the coming days.


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Free money

Airdropped money are always a blessing! With the recent airdropped token of GLX, I am having quite some fun! The reason behind it is, I have staked GLX in my account and everyday I am getting some free GLX as airdrop. Since I have bought those GLX from the market I am breaking even on that. After that I will stake even more. While in addition I am increasing my Staked SPS balance in this regard as well. As there are GLX token is being rewarded to staked SPS users as well. Since I want more SPS and GLX token in my portfolio I am grabbing those as well.

My keen motive is, whatever goes up eventually it will come down. I panicked during the SPS pump and was just a spectator of it. But this time I want to be prepared and buy back GLX token when the price comes down. Yes, it might take some time but I want to use this airdropped money to buy it back again. By which my portfolio will increase in terms of tokens.

I want to so many coins at this present times but with the amount of money I have I can afford so little. Which is why just using the best method that I can afford at the moment and make the best out of it.

Which coins are you planning to buy/hold for long term?

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Some good choices. I am not liking ETH so much with high gas fees though. Maybe soon we see ETH under $1k?


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