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Generating passive income has been one of the most efficient target of folks like us in crypto! Although, crypto has always been a risky investment! Finding something which may show some good possibility to outrun some of the risks involved with investments is sort of like a needle in a haystack.

There are multiple projects which gives out some wise passive income upon investing onto their projects. But most of them has security issues and the most concerning issue is the issue of sustainability. Which makes them quite a risky investment.


Talking about passive income lets talk about Nodes. Nodes have been one of the most intrigued matter for the eco system of HIVE. Well, mostly for the players of Splinterlands. One of the main reason behind it, is the way towards decentralization. Which in the coming days would be one of the best reason to invest in Splinterlands. Currently the reward ratio for Splinterlands for node owners are specified below :

1 Node22.2 SPS4 Voucher

Although with an investment of TOTAL: 87,520.611 SPS ($2,500 USD) + 500 VOUCHERS for a single Splinterlands License node the returns can be compared quite puny. At current market price it is approximately just above a dollar. While compared to the upcoming rewards and the price action which might happen to the token (SPS & Vouchers) there might be some nice advantages to hold onto one of those node licenses.

GLS Validator License

Now coming to talk about Genesis League Sports, the current GLS Node license has been brought to the market. currently it is in the phase of presale. So far 1000 nodes are up for grab and about 220 licenses have been sold. As you may see it costs around 1000 GLUSD and 500 GLGT to grab a license and get the benefits of those.

Screenshot 2023-03-19 122809.png

Keeping that in mind lets talk about the rewards that are up for grab. With current estimates it can easily be said 211 GLX per day does sounds like $5 worth of GLX and $0.6 worth of GLGT. For $1000 worth of GLUSD and in addition to GLGT it will take approximately 175 days to get the money that is invested upon in one node.

While in addition do not forget about the price of GLX and GLGT will also have an impact on this duration. Nevertheless the fact about more licenses being purchased will also have an additional impact on the returns that are coming out of licenses. So more licenses gets purchased, less rewards gets shared amongst license owners.

Screenshot 2023-03-19 122733.png

I started today's post by quoting the value of passive income. In current situation of crypto there are not much crypto project where one can get a decent amount of return from the investment made in a project. As various situations are enclosed with it. Longevity, ROI and other factors are also included out in here. Comparing that with these sort of ROI are quite intimidating to be honest.

Since these license rewards are to be run for long term. Which just give me chills just thinking about it. As we have witnessed the growth of Splinterlands over the past couple of years. It has been sustainable and growing every year.

Let's consider

SPS and GLX reaching ATH in a year! Considering the current returns that are coming from node licenses of Splinterlands and GLS the rewards would be a whooping $22 worth of SPS each day and (lets say GLX goes up to $1) $211 per day. This is astounding just by the thoughts of it. Well, I am speculating the scenario and just saying if by any chance this happens in the future things would be really outstanding. Although, with the supply of SPS and GLX this might not be scenario but we have seen what crypto can do in a bull market.

I am just saying long term investments are probably the best for people like me. And if possible I would definitely like to jump in on GLS license. I want to own a couple of node in here and just stake it and enjoy some decent return for the time being.

Images shared from GLS webpage

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