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A lot has been going on in Splinterlands universe. Since the game has been released, it has come a long way! Various achievements were made, successful sales were initiated, new gameplay were introduced and today here we are! Among various news, one of the key buzz which has been hovering around is the news of 45% layoffs. Yes, it is something which was unexpected. But I suppose it was needed in order to sustain the company and current bear market crisis. In addition to lift up the promises which were made out to the community of Splinterlands. New challenges, new path to forge. Thus we shall keep walking forward.

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Where are we walking towards?

Make no mistake, the present situation of Crypto bear market is affecting almost all of us. Splinterlands is no different. But sitting idle is not going to change the outcome. Precautions needs to be taken! Steps needs to be cleared out and above all we will have to survive the bear market. I am not sure what you are thinking but as a matter of fact, I do believe in the team of Splinterlands and all the things that they have done in the past and about all the promises which were made to the community will bear fruit in the coming days. Above all, I do believe Splinterlands and all projects of crypto which has strong foundations will survive the winter season and shine in the bull market.

How are our assets performing?

Splinterlands has plenty of tokens, assets in its eco system. Under normal circumstances the news of layoffs would scare away investors and people would panic sell and there would be a turmoil in the eco-system. But as it seems the situation is sort of under control.

  • SPS has been hovering around $0.04. Although, I was expecting it to go around little lower due to the news but as it seems it has been wondering on that range. On another news, I have been slowly accumulating SPS in this price and increasing my stake. Which in a way is helping me in two ways. I am getting more SPS with the amount that I am spending now (since the price of SPS is low) and in addition, I am getting SPS as staking reward and GLX reward is being airdropped onto my account. That's a win win situation for me in long term.

  • DEC I am currently out of DEC. I have swapped my DEC to HIVE when the price of DEC was little high. I plan to buy the DEC back if it goes little lower than it is now. Which is why, I am constantly monitoring the price of DEC. I will jump in as soon as I get my desired price to buy back DEC.

PLOT I whole heartedly want to add plot in my portfolio. Although, I do not own any atm but I have been wanting to add few of them in my collection. Since the price is getting lower (in terms of HIVE) I will keep an eye on it and will try to obtain as soon as I can.

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Screenshot 2022-11-19 080638.png

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Most of the other assets seems to be holding down their price and performing quite decently even after all this happenings. I plan to hold them for long term and see the end the tunnel with Splinterlands.

Elephant in the house?

  • GLX has been the talk of the town. There seemed to be a bug in the system which halted the claim and staking option of GLX within the webpage. But few hours back it was resolved and everything seems to be back in action.

Screenshot 2022-11-19 081712.png

While the price of GLX has been declining. As it seems the APR is following the price as well. It has been descending (as expected) and in the next few weeks we will probably see it getting stable. Till than just enjoy the APR!


In this bear market, there are one of two options to choose from. The first one is, selling the asset and get out of the market. While the second one is just HODL onto it. While as of the last few days, I have been making some rational decisions from my end. Although, it might not make sense to many out there but I am ok with it.

  • In terms of SPS I am re staking whatever amount I am getting from my staked balance. Yes, it is not much but I do not intend to sell those SPS with the current price. So better increase the stake as time passes by.

  • In terms of GLX, I intend to sell them for HIVE and just keep those HIVE for reserve. I am just planning to buy back the GLX when the price will be a little more sustainable. So that way I will have more GLX and with minimal investment from my side.

Screenshot 2022-11-19 082624.png

HIVE is sitting on a price range of 30 ish cents for the past few days. The price might decline depending on the situation of market. But this is one of the best opportunity to collect HIVE and just be with it.

What can I say? This is not the end of the world for us! Since we still have a running eco system and the community is still there supporting each other, we have a long ahead of us! This post is not a financial advice of any sorts! I am just sharing my POV about the game!

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Nice post about the various Splinterlands assets. The compliments. It has been a long time since I saw the price of a Plot, today it still seems quite high despite the bear market


Well so many things are happening at once! It's hard to be everywhere, that's the case indeed!