The Power Within the Blockchain...

Having the ability to make a difference does really feels amazing! Upon exploring various blockchains, HIVE Blockchain has been by far the greatest discovery for me! Over the time a lot has happened with me on this blockchain. There are countless memorable moments out in here, making it more worthwhile. Those memories pushing me forward to be at a place, where even I could make a difference! Working towards those epic moments!

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HIVE, makes it happen!

There are multiple blockchains available to this date. But what makes HIVE different is there is a place for everybody. If you consider yourself a content creator, developer, investor, gamer and what not, HIVE has a place for you! I as a content creator have received so much from this blockchain, that I did not even imagined! I have met people all across the globe and found a bond with them and guess what, I have never met nor did they! HIVE made it possible.

As an investor one of the most important aspect which is needed is "finance". Without finance, I doubt there will be anything that one can do. Upon exploring through different blockchain one does not have much of a value without finance. But here, on HIVE the scenario is completely different. Finance (in monetary wise) is not a must! One can easily explore the world of HIVE, with just a Hive account and that even can be done for free!


When I joined HIVE, there was close to nothing that I had. As an investor, I had only bag of hope. But like I said previously about HIVE, that to have a place in HIVE, one does not really need to have deep pockets.

  • Starting from zero is still possible.
  • Having hopes is OK! Working to the top is possible.
  • Having fun out in here is a must.
  • Enjoying your time with other cultured people is also possible.

Without investment the world of HIVE is still considered a heaven among countless other blockchain which are available to this date.

If you are content creator, you just fell into the world of opportunities. HIVE has hundreds of curators with big stakes just awaiting to give support to content creators like us. What you just need to do is

  • Be original
  • Be supportive
  • Be patient
  • Go explore the world of HIVE
  • Do not take it as a job
  • Enjoy

If I can do it, you can do it as well!

So being in here for this long, now it has turn to be a responsibility. It is like people say, when you spend a long time somewhere that place gets closer to your heart. HIVE has become that place. So I have been thinking how can I give back to the community. As it has given me so much and till date it has been supporting me all along my journey.

  • Increase my HIVE stake

When you have high staked HP, you can make a difference. The feeling of giving someone an UPVOTE which is worth something, that feeling is out of the world. Can you just imagine, when your vote is worth a dollar than you are showing support to someone with that vote. And this not just some fun fact money, like we used to play in monopoly game. This is actual money which is being generated by the blockchain and being shared with others. There are projects which are getting huge support via upvotes from big stake holders which are literally making an impact in every day's life. Improving lives of others is being done by the help of this blockchain.

I want to reach to that place where my vote matters! Yep, it is going to take months or even years to reach out there but that is the target for now. My current status in the blockchain of HIVE.

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My point is

Hive is such a place where if you have something to deliver out to your audience, there are opportunities which you can grab from here. Now, do not get me wrong because many users take things for granted. This is a place where decentralization is in full affect. No one needs to answer to one another. Reward disagreement is common out in here. This reward pool is for us all. Do not misuse it.

While just be authentic, original and be yourself. Hive has different colors. Just keep on going and enjoy the journey all along. As this is the place where you will find everything. Friends, whales, investors and more. Some of them will become your family from across the globe.

Best regards

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If you consider yourself a content creator, developer, investor, gamer and what not, HIVE has a place for you!

You are very right on this Rehan

Infact, I enjoyed reading this blog today

This particular Blockchain is just unique. I have read where people talk about other Blockchain they have been before and it's not in any way better than hive.

Hive has reshaped my mind in so many ways... amazing content creators, learning other people's culture, building friends across the globe... friends that we even communicate very well outside here.

I have experienced so much good things in this space and just like you said, I am thinking of ways to give back to the system because it's been a blessing to me and to many.

Your stake is really growing and I am happy to know that you are intentional about this growth. I am craving for a dollar touch from your account in few months or years to come 😂

Keep hiving, keep winning, together we shall all smile big ✅


Keep hiving, keep winning, together we shall all smile big

Lets say cheers to that after 5 years from now!

Hive has reshaped my mind in so many ways

The beauty of this blockchain, surprises me every day!


I joined hive a few months ago and I must say everything you’ve said are on point. I’ve quickly realized hive is a platform of opportunities and for everyone. This post gives me so much motivation to strive and work harder.