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Every once in a while, there comes a significant wave in the realm of cryptourrency. Which introduces us to something new! It literally takes the whole crypto market in surprise! Buzz spreads and ways gets developed in order to give it utility! Some of the past events which have taken us by surprise

  • IDO
  • Meme Coins
  • DAO
  • NFT

Next in line, Artifical Intelligence, Virtual world and so on!

NFT (Non-Fungible Tokens)

During the bull run we have witnessed, how NFT's took us by surprise. Countless NFT makers made millions of dollars with their NFT during those times. But without much of an utility to those NFT's they were not able to sustain that price or the project itself. As players of Splinterlands, we saw how this space would be valuable in near future. There were some people who believed in Splinterlands and they are getting the benefit of it as of today!

  • RUNI

Countless NFT's were introduced in several blockchains. ETH seemed to be the main attraction for NFT launches. Splinterlands made an exception and introducing RUNI, was an exceptional move for by the team.

Current situation

Runi, has been one of those NFT's which was originally minted on ETH blockchain Opensea. Till date the price of RUNI has seen some extensive heights! At present the floor price of RUNI (normal foil) is sitting at a whooping 0.47 ETH! The gold foil version has increased to 2.87 ETH. The price has been adjusting quite a lot in the last couple of days. Although, there are several reasons behind it as well.

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Any projects gets success, whenever its product has proper utility! The more and more utility and demand there is for a product, the more successful it gets! Till date, when it comes to use case of NFT's , there are close to zero NFT's, which will be able to show a proper use case for holding that significant NFT. Even if there is, the sustainability of that use case is to be questioned. Here comes RUNI, with not only one but several use cases over its life span.

  • Rare: A very rare edition of Splinterlands NFT, which can not be created/minted any more. Which basically means there are only limited number of RUNI available for the whole of Splinterlands players. Which not only makes its rare but very difficult to get hands on, unless you are wealthy ;)

    Most of the benefits will be added in lands. As owning one RUNI will give multiple benefits for players :

  • Land : Land has been a latest edition in Splinterlands. Where RUNI plays a vital role out in here. Owning a Runi will come in handy for plot owners. Runi will provide a 100% PP boost to the base production of the entire plot. This is equivalent to a Legendary Totem, and can be combined with a Legendary (or other rarity) Totem for even more increased benefits. Not only that, RUNI-core will act as a power source. In addition to that no DEC will be required to stake in the plot. Last but not the least, one additional card will be added in the plot. Which would give an extra boost in the production.

For more details about Runi!

  • Battles : Not only it has its benefits on land but it is an playable NFT in ranked and other matches on everyday basis in Splinterlands. It is a legendary card which has some unique abilities (Opportunity, Rebirth, Reflection Shield, True strike) which can be used in matches. With wise rule set and position this card can be very hard to deal with.

Owning an NFT in crypto universe is sort of becoming a big deal. With the metaverse and upcoming projects which are to emerge this could become much more than just collectibles. Just think about RUNI, with this NFT card, one can earn on a daily basis. Not only that, it is tradeable like any other NFT's available in the blockchain. Unlike many other NFT's where the sole purpose of owning that NFT is just to hold and wait for someone to buy it and create a sink for that price to go up. In other words Rumors play a vital role out in here! Runi is different from any other traditional NFT's available in the market.

NFT's are not only about holding as a collectibles. Splinterlands has introduced some cool features where one can play and earn cryptocurrency. Keep on holding and the value goes up! Where apart from only a handful project, almost every NFT's has lost its value till date.

Splinterlands has almost everything it needs to prosper. A community of users, players, content creators, developers, investors! ATM all it needs is some highlight and some marketing about what people are actually missing. I bet, anyone who gets to know about how Splinterlands NFT's their POV regarding NFT, will change forever!

Image sources Opensea

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