We see the world the way we are!


2003, Serena Williams was playing opposite of her sister Venus Williams. She successfully defended her title - Wimbledon Championships – Women's Singles.

I can remember watching the game on TV.

A few days later, in a cousin's hangout, we talked about the game and how Selena going to be the next big tennis role model. One of my 'cousin brother' didn't know about the game nor did he knows what was the result. It surprised me coz he was not like that before.

I know he was working on growing his own business, didn't get much time for this or that. But it surprised me at that age (I was an 8th-grade student then), like how could anyone not get excited/know what big things happening around.

Oh! I was such a fool.

Or immature. You name it.


Life was definitely treated me so well, I was so privileged that I didn't have to think about my bread and butter. Nor do I have the idea that a single tennis game no matter how big it is doesn't reflect anything in real life for millions of people.

I was in the bubble. And I know many still live in a bubble where they see the world differently. That's not the problem. The problem is, thinking others also think the same, having the same life issues, having the same good life is the problem.

Did it hurt when the bubble popped?

Nope. But I was surprised to see the outside world. It was a blessing for me actually. Because I managed to make myself able to see the world differently, from other's points of view.

I can give you another example.

For a few days, one of my friends is asking to write a cover letter and update her CV for a particular job. I usually do this willingly. But this time, my son was sick, I was also feeling not okay, didn't have time. I'm not blaming her. I understand that as she still is not married, doesn't have a kid so she doesn't get what occupying my time.

This happens everywhere.

But we can try to make ourselves able to be a little different. Seeing the world from others' end is not that much difficult. And it comes with so many benefits. It will make you feel more grateful for your life.

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