nata's kitchen #8 - STICK TEMPEH

Hi Foodie.. my name is Renata, this time I want to share a little recipe with you. Hopefully, it can be an inspiration for those who like to cook. this time I will give a little recipe about STICK TEMPEH, this is one of my favorite foods when I'm relaxing before dinner, and I hope you like it.

Let's prepare the ingredients we need;

  1. Tempeh
  2. Wheat flour
  3. Eggs
  4. Panir flour
  5. Flavoring
  6. Salt to taste

What to do (1);
Cut the tempeh into pieces (just shape it to your heart's content) then soak it in water, after the tempeh has soaked in, we put it in the melted flour and then put the eggs in it, put the tempeh one by one and then remove it and put it in the prepared breadcrumbs. we prepare.

What to do (2);
After all the tempeh is finished, we put it in the breadcrumbs and let it sit for 15 minutes so that the breadcrumbs seep into the tempeh that we cut into pieces at the beginning, while waiting for the recipe, let's heat the oil for us to put the tempeh one by one into the hot pan.

What to do (3);
Put the tempeh one by one in hot oil, don't forget to be careful of hot oil splashes that might hit our hands when entering the tempeh. After everything is cooked, then we serve it on a plate for us to enjoy with sauce and soy sauce (according to your taste) or mayonnaise if you want.

Tempeh is an easy food ingredient, if you like this dish, you can try to make it at home, of course, to enjoy with your beloved family, thank you everyone for stopping by my blog.