🔥 Lets Burn Some SPT Tokens Week Four


Last Weeks Total SPT Burned


Welcome to our fourth week of the ongoing SPT burn. Last weeks topic got an upvote from the Splinterlands curation account @monster-curator which gave our burn post a nice bump in SPT rewards .

Last weeks topic generated a total of 2,734 SPT. This means the curators shared 1367* SPT. The remaining SPT *1367 will be sent to be burned. So far each weekly SPT Burn topic earned more SPT then the Burn topic before it, I hope to keep this trend going so smash that upvote button and make good use of the resteem feature.

We will continue with the *weekly burn topic for as long as SPT stake holders show support for the initiative. Total SPT burned before we started this initiative was just 4,303 SPT. Current total SPT burned is 7201.

I initially decided to send the burn tokens to @null but then it hit me that using the burn tokens to advertise this post via the Promotion option would be a better way to burn the SPT tokens. Burning them this way will give more exposure to our weekly topic.

SPT stake holders and content creators may not like seeing the weekly burn post at the top of the promotion page every week so I might alternate between sending directly to @null and using the Promote option as a burn mechanism. For now we will keep using the promotion burn method and play it by ear. If SPT stake holders want me to stop burning via Promote option, I will. Sound off with your opinions in the comment section.

Original Burn Topic Post Below

Recently we went over SPT and some ways we can make the SPT token more valuable. We had allot of great suggestions that fell under the below categories,

(1) In game use cases
(2) Use cases token holders could implement
(3) Burn suggestion

To read these suggestions in detail Click --> SPT & Use Cases!.

Only the devs can give SPT an in game use case. All we can do as a group of Splintertalk (SPT) users is keep suggesting that they do so. Hopefully if enough SPT holders consistantly speak up we might get one sooner rather than later. Until that day comes there's still the two other options listed above in which us Token holders can help implement.

Before we go over what this post is intended for I'm going to give a short description of both SPT and Splinterlands. Feel free to skip past it if this isn't your first SPT rodeo.

What Is SplinterTalk?

Splintertalk is the social platform that was BUILT for Splinterlands players. For sharing Splinterlands content, you can earn rewards in the form of SPT tokens on the Splintertalk site! SPT tokens can be traded or staked to increase Splintertalk Power, which allows you to reward the content of others!

What Is Splinterlands?

Splinterlands is a digital card game created by @aggroed and @yabapmatt. Tournaments in which giveaway prizes that have monetary value are being played daily. You can start playing or investing in Splinterlands today by clicking here.

Lets Burn Some SPT Tokens (Weekly Burn)


This post is going to focus on suggestion (3) Burn suggestion. If you read the topic SPT & Use Cases! you will notice in the comment section that the idea of a SPT burn post sprung to mind. Well friends this is that post.

All the liquid SPT tokens this post generates will get burned. How do I intend on burning these SPT tokens? I will send all the liquid SPT tokens to @null.

What Do You Mean By Liquid SPT?

Liquid SPT is the authors share of the earned SPT rewards a post generates. This means you as curators will still earn your share of curation rewards when you upvote. I as the author of this topic will send my share (the Authors share) of SPT earnings this post generates to be burned.

I'm not sure how well received this plan will be but if SPT holders show interest via upvoting/commenting I will make this a *weekly burn post. Currently out of the total supply of SPT tokens given out to date just 0.01% have been sent to be burned. I hope to dramatically increase that percentage.


SPT Burned To Date

Total SPT BURNED2863



SPT tokens earned from last weeks topic will be sent to be burned within 24 hours.


Well I'll certainly chuck these an upvote on a regular basis!