A Tale of Two Pizza's - The Continuous attack



image by @dibblers.dabs

Otto knew they was no need in hurting Barry, he just wanted to get things to normal, he never mearnt to hurt anyone.

Although he kept thinking why they are always conflicts that may lead to something Terrible to take Effect.

He wishes everyone well and never a time that he got Happy seeing the way Barry tried to spoiled things around.

He is such a noble and a great advisor to the Pizza Baron and would never want to it get things in the way of letting this Boss down.

He always want to do things the right way, he never sees it normal if someone tried to lure another.

But this time, he sees that what barry did was more than he could imagine, what he did was really wrong and should brought to Justice, who should know that their life was fully made of inappropriate abilities.

This was what Otto said to Danny, and Danny was quietly listening at what he had to said, he make it known that life should not be made this way!

I was so excited when he portray the fact that, if Everyone could acknowledge peaceful coexistence, out of conflicts and disagreement, the world would have been a better place for everyone and the one's yet unborn.

He said, we need the best we can ever get on this cause and that is what we will ever be after.