Love make better minds individuals


Love Make Better minds individuals, with the utmost degree of differences in Humans existing, what brings together the oneness in us is love.

As we all knows love is uncontrollable force, It can takes in any form without giving you much signs of it coming, it has more power that we can ever imagine, love can make you get hurt and can also make you feel happy.

Two better minds make love what is love, and no one could feel love without the other party feeling the same.

It doesn't work that way, because, love is like a machine whose never get tired of production as far as humans resources are there to foster the production.

Love makes the relationship between man and woman Paramount, it strengthen the link between countries and countries.

Love make man feel better and less egoism at times.

It makes better mind individuals.

The world is make up of different diverse groups but with love, people from other group get married to another, not minding their differences they had in terms of language, dressing, dancing, ways of reasoning and so on.



Life wouldn't be peaceful if not the roles of love in Humans existing.

The roles of love has makes us see ourselves as one and better people that should be having better minds and being of help to one another.

To me, I see love as a blessing to humanity, where they was no love, everything would have been lost and no peace would have been call.

Two days ago, I came intact with a friend who told me that he refuses to see the way others are seeing, that he believed in what is in his heart and that is what and only what he will do.

He said, I love my brother, no matter what he had done to me, I see him as my person, he is my brother and I believe that blood is thicker than water, I would not go in the same direction with them.

What just happened were caused by kids, and what do kid's knows?

That is why nothing would make me go wrong with any of them, I love him, he is my brother and I love his family as well.

I see no benefit in fighting my brother, and I see no benefit in fighting my family as well.
We are one and should act as one.

When he said this, I was deeply touched and I turn and look at him, I could see how far he has gone in trying to settle the differences he had with his brother.

I now said to him, do not loose Faith, my Friend, as you said, he is your brother and I believe he would come to realize it soon enough, i believe no amount of money can buy love, but it will come when it will come.

I hugged him and asked him to give me his brother's number.

When I called him, I didn't say much to him, after I might have finished introducing myself, I go Straight to the point and i told him, please allow love to prevail.

We are Humans and we do make mistakes at times.

But the important thing is that if we learn of it and want to make amends and correct our ways.