Love the greatest fear of humanity


I have been thinking, is love really what I think it is? So I will like to hear from you too.

Have you ever been in love before?

Is being in love fearful?

Does it hurt at times?

What does real love really feels like?



Being in loves brings so much joy to ones heart,
It is like a caterpillar that grade all the entrance of the road and yet not feels tired and still want to do more.

Love makes one's heart complete and beating.

It is the power that can never be seen which has the force of awaken the heart and grows stronger each day by day.

when love turns to lost, it is because of the surprise of the expected that occur in the process.
When you are truly in love, you would speak of it and you will also be grateful of the feelings that it brings to you all the time, because, so the heart is thinking, so it will be doing.

Without loves in one's life, everything seems meaningless.

How do we meet fear in love

We meet fear in love when we are hurt, then this will now become something we have experience, and something we can testify about, then will also served as a yardstick of
measurements whenever we want to fall in love again, we remember our past and it becomes our fear in love.

This is one of the reasons some people find it difficult to go into a relationship, as a result of what he/she pass through, as they never will want to experience it again.

Having fear is a bad feelings that can take away all that brightened your day.

Say no to HURT and let LOVE lead.