Prompt: second attempt


They said if you fail do not stop trying and trying again until you succeed.

Because that is only when you will make it and becomes the man you always dreamed of becoming.

Nothing good comes easy, this is true because anything that seems to be hard in my way always yield the best results for me at the end.



Second attempt is good and and advisable as you will probably hit the Jack pot in the round.

They said, you can not killed a dead man, the second time, when you are dead you are dead, and the same goes to attempting to actualize your goals, if you fail the first time, the second time will be a success because you will not accept Failure again.

Second attempt is always an experience you may had in your previous involvement or activities, and that will serve as a yardstick to you in getting your achievement in favorably manner.

Although, second attempt may be too demanding but it is probably the very good time for achievement and meeting your life goals.