The eyes that watches the crown /poem

The brightness that shines everywhere
No matter where you are hidden, you are watch
Of all your duties and operations
Stay green so that you would reap greens

It is not magic but what we believe in
Do not be drunk always so that you would see the right things
stories speak of it true love and kindness
If you do good work and keep cool to yourself

The crown is nothing than our self
our daily bread and our friends
He is our comforter of all times
He is our hero with a kind heart

Strengthen in battle's and dreams
adviser and our great teacher
One among others that remains supreme
he is our GOD, Our Lord

Story changer
way Maker
Great man in battle
greater and greatest

One who says YES and it remains YES
who light up our world to see the bright Stars In the morning
The breathe giver who never sleep

Always at our heart to answer when we call
He who give us a great heart of love
Love encourager
Grateful giver

Where you run to find hope
where you call to see home
peace Maker
The number one celebrity

He who knows all
the creator of the universe
He who speaks and it remains the same
He said and he never failed

The one to called our father
The one who watches the crown
Who guide and protect our path
To safe us from evils and temptation

For it love and kindness
For it mercy and grace
Glory be thy name
Now and forever more. Amen.

Image by Sabine_999 at pixabay