This is my bet

Today's post is about Bitcoin price.
Take a look at my Tradingview Bitcoin chart. I've wrote those lines at the beginning of 2022 and they magically predicted the key levels.

In hindsight that's not hard to do but in January 2022 we didn't know if we were gong to break the $30,000 level and that $20,000 was going to be a local support.
We only broke $20,000 for the FTX collapse. And now we are struggling to surpass the $30,000 level again, as if everything was according to plan.

Everything Is Obvious After It Happens

yeah yeah, everybody is going to say that they knew it was going to happen. But did they buy Bitcoin at these levels?
Only true believers buy now, Hivers are a strong community and we are strong holders.
The more I read, the more convinced I am that this is a lifetime opportunity.
I'm not going to miss it this time, I promise!

Touching $20,000 before moon

That's my bet. If I had to guess the future price of Bitcoin for 2024/25 I would say that we will touch $100k at some point during this 2 years.
However I don't see the market strong enough to push the price above the $30,000 resistance.
I would say that we will go lower before pushing to new highs.

I'm getting more and more bullish as we are getting closer to the halving. We'll probably have another opportunity to buy cheap Bitcoin.

Take care!

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Thanks for this update. If btc is going to suppress, I don't see it going below 20k before it will surge above 30k seeing the recent activity. However, I think investment at the particularly point in time will lead to more profit in the future.