Putting More Weight Into Crypto


I recently did an analysis of my holdings and net worth and unsurprisingly, my biggest net assets are my house and stocks. I am thinking of selling some under-performing stocks and just buying Bitcoin.

Is $60,000 too high a price? Maybe. I probably should have sold the stocks and bought it when it was below $30,000. I did put in fiat at 35k but I kept those under-performing stocks.

Maybe it is time to finally increase the weight of my crypto holdings. Here is the breakdown excluding the house since that's an illiquid asset.


I'm thinking shares will be 50% of holdings and try to bump crypto up to at least 30%.

Those shares aren't doing much, just moving sideways and I have lost faith that the company will ever recover to its former glory. I do have hopes for Bitcoin as bigger institutional investors and ordinary investors get in, the rush to buy will trigger a FOMO situation.

We are still very early in crypto so it is important to keep that perspective.