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So, today I got a call from where I booked my day old chicks from that there had arrived and ready for pickups.
We don’t really have a hatchery nearby that produces these day old chicks, there are been brought from nearby states and it’s really a very long journey for the chicks. In a weak, there have 2 delivery days, Tuesdays and Fridays, so today happens to be when mine arrived.
Recently the prices of these day old chicks went on the high side. Before now DOC for broiler birds goes for approx. $0.54 but now it goes for $1, double the price.
This has really made poultry business a very difficult business to get into, because the cost of acquiring the DOC is high and also the price of their feed is something else.

I had booked for two set of birds, the broilers and the noilers.
The Noiler birds are a cross breed of broilers and the local chicken, they are ruged and hardy but takes a lot of time to get matured.

So my booking was 20 broilers DOC and 25 noiler DOC. My initial plan was 25/25 to make the count 50 but had to reduce the number because of the price of the DOC.

But on arrival, only the broilers where available for pickup, the noiler was not available since people don’t really keep noilers as much as broilers, and since I’m not ordering for a full carton, there have to find some who wants to buy noilers too and split it with both of us.
I had to make do with what is on ground and wait till the find someone to split the cartoon of noiler birds .

I had to make some last minute purchase of feeders and glucose for the chicks.
I have to include glucose in their drinking water to help with the stress from the long journey.
Then I put their feed and water,
I took @peterale advice to blend their feed a bit so they can easily pick it up and feed more.
I just observe them as the move around and eat and drink water.
What I noticed after a while was that their poo was watery and foamy but there were quite active.
Will continue observing them to make sure nothing goes wrong.
Also made sure I put on the light to provide heat for them.


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