Changing Their Water On Day 2 And Watching My Birds Was Really Rewarding.


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So today, being the second day since my birds arrived in their brooding unit, had to start a new routine in my homestead which is changing the birds drinking water, feeding the birds and observing them for any change in their behavior.

Waking up in the morning, . my first call was to check on the catfish frys that are in the hatchery, next was to check up in the birds that arrived yesterday.
Before doing anything to them, the first thing I did was to observe them for a while to see their reaction to my presence. From my observation, there way quite active and from their feeders, it shows the ate enough through the night, this was because I provided a lot for light since I put on the generator to power the 200w bulb, to provide light and heat to keep them warm.

After observing them, I needed to change their drinking water, but notice some of the chicks were still having foamy poo, so I added some antibiotics and multivitamin to their water to help boost their immune system.

I got a multivitamin from the poultry store and the antibiotics I got tetracycline (red and yellow capsule) from the near by drug store .

I administered 1 tea spoon of the multivitamin to their 4ltr drinking containers and very little antibiotics too, since there are still small chicks .
I stired it very well before giving it to them to drink.
I hope it helps with the foamy poo and increases their appetite to eat more feed.

After giving them the medicated water, I observe them again for a while, and there were very happy and comfortable and drank a lot of water too.
It was really rewarding for me seeing them moving and jumping around eating their food.


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