Raising the Temperature and Siphoning of Dirt from my Catfish Hatchery Tank.


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So, my fishes have been doing well in the hatchery although I’m still have little problems here and there.

The first challenge I encountered was the issue of the water temperature.
I realized that the water temperature is extremely important for catfish frys at their early stage of life, water temperature adds to their survivability during the first few weeks of hatching..

It was a big challenge for me because we have been having excessive rains these days and the weather has been very cold for we humans.

From my research, I found out that catfish frys prefer water temperature of about 28°c to 32°c so there can carryout their normal metabolism.

How I delt with that challenge was that I had to boil some water with heater and them dilute the water to be a bit worm. I used my skin as a thermometer since I didn’t have one to know how worm it should be.

I poured the warm water in the overhead water reservoir I made before allowing it to enter the hatching tank bit by bit so the water doesn’t have a sudden temperature change which might affect the catfish frys.

This method worked for me as the catfish frys stopped dying in large numbers.

Another factor that contributed to their death was the issues of dirts in the hatchery pond. After feeding the catfish frys there are leftovers that can polluter the water, for That I had to siphoned the dirts out of the pond by using a very small hose to do that.

Had to tight the hose with a little iron that is coated. Then put one end of the hose in the hatchery pond while the other end in an empty container to collect the left overs.

Then I such the other end a litlw than water starts coming out with the dirts, some catfish fries will also come out with it, after cleaning I will select than back to the pond.


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