Sorting And Counting Of My Catfish Frys In The Hatchery .


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So, today I decided to sort the catfish frys in the hatchery into their respective sizes.
Sorting is the art of groups catfish according to their sizes.
Sorting is one of the most important activity that most be done in due time in any fish farming venture, because if you don’t do it on time, there will be serious problems as the fishes will start eating them selves.

Yes, even as tiny and small as there are, there eat their selves a lot especial the ones that grow a bit bigger and faster than others.
There call them jumpers, or shooters, there grow really fast than others.

If we don’t sort on time the jumpers or shooters will help themselves to the smaller once.

Catfish just have that instinct to canibalize on themselves for food, they just swallow their prays,.

So keeping the small fishes with the big once is not a good idea at all.

Sorting catfish frys is quite different from sorting them when there are much bigger, since they are small and tiny a different approach is carried out by using a sieve to sort them according to their sizes. So, any fish that passes through the sieve hole is been grouped as one and the once that remain on the sieve is been grouped as another.

The material I used were, a Sieve, a bowl and scoop net and a plastic spoon.

So, I first scoop the catfish frys out of the holding tank with a scoop net into a bowl containing some water and the sieve. After scooping them all out I had to wash the tank with salt water solution.

I them shake the size gently, so the smaller catfish can fall off the holes of the sieve and the once remaining on the sieve, I put them in another bowl. After sorting them into sizes, I then counted the with the help of the plastics spoon, one after the other to get the total population of the catfish fry.

After sorting and counting, feeding is done 1 hour after the whole process, this is to enable the fished relax after the whole stress.


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