A love story in the middle of nowhere



Lucy, where are you? desperate Sam tried to shovel the snow inside the small plane.
It all started in Stockholm, where there was a big conference of companies and where several businesses were carried out.

Sam was a wealthy businessman who had traveled in his private plane to the event, Lucy was an employee of a multinational that sold beauty products.
Fate wanted them to cross paths when Sam walked through the event pavilion and he couldn't resist the small smile Lucy gave when she saw him.

Sam ran to meet her in her small demo pavilion and they both exchanged glances.
"What's so special about these products?" asked Sam to Lucy
"These beauty products are based on medicinal plants that do not use chemicals, which is not harmful to health." Lucy answered Sam confidently.

"I think I'm interested I have a healthcare business in the pharmaceutical side they would love to try these products as I have inherited several salons around the world from my late wife and I think we have what it takes to do business." said Sam seriously, but at the same time his eyes lit up when he saw Lucy's eyes.

"If it's not indiscreet, what hotel are you staying at?" asked Sam, looking more relaxed and a little cheeky now.

Lucy replied "I'm at a small boarding house two blocks from here"
Sam went to his coat pocket and took out a card, he also took out his parker pen and wrote down the address of the hotel where he was staying.

"Lucy, if you're interested, I'd be happy to invite you to dinner. I'm staying at this hotel. Meet me at 7pm."

Lucy didn't answer, she took the paper and their hands touched for a few seconds, she just nodded.
Sam continued his visit to the event and after a while he returned to the hotel, on the one hand his heart said that Lucy was going to show up for dinner with him on the other he had doubts she didn't know him she could think it was a cheek on his part.


Sam at 19:00 went to the hotel entrance but didn't see Lucy anywhere, waited another 5 minutes and no signal. As Sam was turning his back to leave, he felt a tap on his shoulder.
"Sam, I'm here, sorry I'm late, I had to take a cab and it took a little longer." Lucy said, looking embarrassed.

"Lucy, what a pleasant surprise, I didn't think you'd come. Come on, so it's cold and snowing outside." replied Sam.

Dinner took place in a large dining room with hanging lamps that looked like they were in a palace.

The conversation was about business at first, but it quickly shifted to a more personal part. With a nice bottle of Bordeaux wine, the two enjoyed a nice plate of meat, but their eyes gleamed between them.

Sam started to tell a little about his life, he was a widower and his wife had died a year ago.
"You know Lucy, despite having money I'm alone my wife died of cancer in less than 3 months. We had a good life between business trips, everything seemed to be going well, but this illness took her and I was alone with all this business and in this life."

Lucy was listening to Sam so intently that she couldn't even look away.
"Now tell me a little about yourself." asked Sam
"I'm also alone, my husband also died, but it was in a motorcycle accident when he was going to work, he worked shifts, he was security and it was raining a lot. At an intersection near our house, a car didn't stop at the Stop and went beat him, he was still taken by ambulance to the hospital but he couldn't resist, we have a son who is now 2 years old, he is with my parents so I can be here to work, but it's not easy, at this moment alone and with so many things at the same time."
"Looks like we have a sad story in common." replied Sam.

"It looks so similar." Lucy responded with a tear in the corner of her eye.
Dinner continued until 10pm and Lucy looked at her watch and said:
"I have to go Sam, thanks for the company and this wonderful dinner, but I still have to take the cab to the residence."

"I want one of my drivers to take you, but first I want to invite you to come at the end of this event to my company in Finland in Helsinki, do you want to?" We can work together."
With a smile on her lips Lucy said she would think about it, got up politely and went to the hotel's exit door.

When they said goodbye, they gave a long hug and their lips touched lightly.
"I'm sorry Sam" said Lucy embarrassed.
"You don't need to apologize, something magical happened here." replied Sam, also quite red in his face.

The event lasted two more days and Sam and Lucy were texting and calling.
The event ended and Sam had to go on his private plane to Helsinki, he texted Lucy.
"Lucy, I'm leaving in 1 hour, I'm waiting for you at the airport if you want to take this trip with me."

Sam, in addition to being a businessman, had a pilot course and he was the one who took his private plane everywhere.

Time was running out and as at dinner there was no sign of Lucy.
It snowed a lot and it was a risk to fly in those conditions, but he was an experienced pilot who had to do it.

When Sam starts to start the engines of his private plane he starts to see a taxi approaching at great speed, it was Lucy.

Sam couldn't even breathe, she had come to him.
"Lucy we have to go, it looked like you weren't coming." said Sam
"Do you think I was going to miss this opportunity to be with you and go with you?" Lucy replied.
They both smiled, held hands and kissed for a long time.

The plane picked up speed and climbed straight into the sky, thus starting the journey towards Helsinki.



In the middle of the trip, a strong storm shook the plane, there was a lot of bad weather and turbulence until the engines couldn't be heard anymore and in a few seconds the plane hit something crashing into a forest full of snow.
There was silence in the air, the plane buried in the snow was the only thing that stood out in that scenario.

Sam opens his eyes and starts calling out to Lucy.
"Lucy, Lucy, where are you, tell me you're alive." Desperate Sam starts shoveling snow from inside the plane, but Lucy doesn't appear or respond.

Desperate Sam keeps calling for Lucy and with his hands he removes more and more snow from inside the plane until he sees Lucy in the seat next to her with the belt fastened but she has a wound on her forehead and doesn't respond.

Sam pulls Lucy out of the plane and tries to see if she has any vital signs, her pulse is weak and he starts doing resuscitation maneuvers like he had learned in a first aid course.
"Don't leave me Lucy, please."
After a few moments Lucy shows the first signs of recovery, starts to move one leg and opens her eyes slightly.

Her eyes touch and something in their hearts says there is love.
Sam gives Lucy a long kiss, who, despite being injured, manages to move a little, but with difficulty.

It's very cold and snowing, so they try to take shelter in the back of the plane, which hasn't been badly damaged.

Sam takes care of Lucy, he still has some food as there was a small bar on the plane to travel.
But how were they going to get out of there?
The day turned to night and the two fell asleep.

In the morning Sam went to get firewood and they built a small fire next to the plane.
Sam and Lucy are desperate because they are surrounded by snow and forest and no one sees them. They can only see some planes passing very high, and those planes cannot see them.
They decide to write the word HELP with tree trunks.

So they wrote the word asking for help, but it was very difficult to see as the planes that were passing by were soaring up.

Another night arrived and hopes were already low, food was running out and although they didn't have many injuries they needed to be attended by a doctor, Lucy was in a lot of pain and Sam was also due to the plane crash in the snow.

In the morning everything was calm Sam opens his eyes and sees Lucy sleeping soundly beside him wrapped in a blanket.


Lucy opens her eyes and says to Sam: "Let's get out of here I know so, last night I dreamed that I was with you and we were together in a beautiful family in Helsinki."
Sam smiled and said. "Yes Lucy, I swear we're going to get out of here, but first I want to ask you something.

"Ask what you want" replied Lucy
Sam had made rings out of small plants and asked Lucy:
"Do you want to marry me?"
Lucy didn't want to believe it, but answered what her heart said "I want Sam yes, yes".
The two gave a big kiss and when they were giving that kiss there was a noise of a helicopter, Sam leaves the plane and sees a rescue helicopter approaching and descending towards them.
"Lucy came to our rescue and we are safe." Sam said.


Helicopter paramedics stabilized Lucy and provided first aid and both were taken to the Hospital.
After two days of observation they were discharged and asked to travel to Helsinki, arranged the wedding.
Lucy still asked Sam:
"Besides me, do you also accept my son?"
Sam replied, "Of course he is, he is part of you and he will be part of us. Let's be a family."
Then Lucy and Sam got married and from that relationship they had two more children.
One day this story will be told to your children and grandchildren.



A love adventure with a happily ever after ending.


I found your story interesting, I liked it and I hope to have the opportunity to read another of your stories again.


What a beautiful story, @ricestrela. You've done such nice work with the character development and the story arc. The trauma of the plane crash is very compelling. It keeps us reading, wanting to know that the couple will be okay.

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What a harrowing journey! That's pretty much my worst nightmare — experiencing a plane crash. The only thing worse than it being fatal would be to die in the cold or the wilderness before being rescued. So the ending was a relief! I really enjoyed the story.


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What a lovely story. They found each other admits their heartache, it is good they are both alive and together.