fresh vegetables in summer


Hello all friends in this community that I love all. see you again this time with me @ridwanms here in this community, and hopefully all hive friends are always in good health and always successful for all of your beloved friends wherever you are at this time. And hopefully today is better than yesterday.

There are a lot of fresh vegetables in the market this summer and the prices are very expensive, let alone they are still very good and the fans are very interested in something like this.

The farmers are also happy because their vegetables are very fresh and not easily rotten because of the summer.

This area is currently growing a lot of vegetables in their gardens, growing a lot of flowers such as cabbage, tomatoes, chilies and others such as red onions which are very fresh.

This area is very nice to grow plants like this, what's more, the water temperature is sufficient for these plants and it looks very nice.

We see that in the market a lot of vegetables are sold by farmers and a lot of people buy them. The people of this area always grow plants like this and sell them to traders in the market for their daily needs.

Fresh fruit like this is very much in demand by the local community and every day a lot of people grow vegetables in this area.

Enjoy, friends, hopefully it will be useful for all of you friends in this community, and thank you for visiting my blog, I hope you guys are entertained.

Camera usedHandphone
LocationAceh indonesia