pagoda flower


Hello, how are you all today, I hope you are fine today and of course better than yesterday, of course for all my friends in this beloved community, good luck to all of you who are always active here.

In the morning I left the house as usual to look for what was good in my view for me to capture with my cellphone camera as my collection and of course those who were looking for me personally. And I went to the plantations in my area and got there I saw one very beautiful flower with a very beautiful shape in red color. and I immediately took some pictures of the flower on various sides to make it look clearer and prettier. and I immediately searched through searches on Google for the name of this flower and finally I got the results of the name of the flower is the pagoda flower. and this flower is now considered rare in this area. OK, friends, below I have prepared some pictures of the pagoda flower that I took today.

Thus my post this time, I hope it will be entertaining for all my friends in this beloved community. Enjoy and have fun for all my friends.

Camera usedHandphone
LocationAceh indonesia