The pumpkin plants in the yard have started to flower


Hello hivers, everyone I love, how are you today, and wherever you are, of course, you should always be healthy and successful, and I hope that today is better than the previous days and fun for all of my friends.

This time I will show you some pictures of pumpkin plants in my yard which have started to flower and will be able to harvest in the next few days. Planting pumpkins in our area is very simple and very easy with very simple maintenance.

Yellow pumpkin is better known in our area, which is more familiar as ground gourd, the contents of the fruit inside are yellow in color, the contents are soft and the taste is very sweet. The yellow pumpkin leaves can also be used to cook vegetables or can be mixed with other vegetables. and the taste of the two is very good if you cook patarana vegetables as they are called in our area.

Gourd plants like the one I planted are very easy and very easy to live in both the lowlands and the highlands. But this pumpkin is usually picked from the green fruit to be used as a complement to other vegetables to be cooked together.

This yellow pumpkin does not require chemical fertilizers and should only be given fertilizer from trash cans or animal manure. And it is better for fertilization to be done before planting the pumpkin seeds.
Why do I say that, because if fertilizer is given early so that it blends with the soil and when we plant it, it grows quickly and is fertile.

Pumpkin plants when harvesting fruit that is really old should be harvested when the leaves have turned yellow.
The contents of the ground pumpkin fruit are very large and can be processed, starting from cake ingredients and other needs.
All right, friends, that's my short review this time, I hope it's useful for all my friends in this beloved community. Enjoy your evening with your family.

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