The process of giant prawns changing skin or molting

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Picture When giant prawns molt or molt


Molting occurs when the giant prawn's body can no longer fit into the old shell or shell, thus stimulating the giant prawn's body to change to a new skin. Molting or skin change in giant prawns usually occurs once a week When the shrimp are small and when they are adults they start to molt once every 2 or 3 weeks, the factor of skin turnover is due to the growth process and we can also say the process of adaptation to the environment, the process of adaptation to the environment is the adjustment of a new environment when shrimp A place, for example from pool A to pool B, he will change his skin because the water temperature is different, the pH of the water is different and don't panic when we see the shrimp changing the skin of the shrimp. Dead but he was limp for a few hours, because the shrimp are waiting for the hard shell to return, and if we look at the giant prawns aquarium we change the cooliesBe careful, keep our shrimp away from fish so that there is no predation, fish usually like to eat shrimp that are molting, because it can smell fishy, ​​and the smell of the amir will stimulate hungry fish, And is a predator for the fish.

Picture of giant prawn changing skin


Picture of giant prawn changing skin


picture of giant prawn changing skin


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LocationAceh, Utara


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