Actsofkindness : Submission of Our Online Recitation Community Donation Fund For Our Province DAYAH ABU Waqf | 10% to @poshtoken


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Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wbarakatuh.

All HIVE Friends. again we meet today in my post this time about the donation that I submitted to the leadership of the pesantren for the expansion of the land for the construction of the dormitory and the study hall.

So as we already know that a few months ago, fundraising or donations were opened for land acquisition for the construction of the Dayah Islamic Boarding School, our teacher and the great ulema of Aceh, namely Abu Tumin Blang blahdeh, whose number is more than one billion, so we are teachers and students rather than Abu. carry out these tasks so that many donations are collected from the recitation congregations and also the general public who become donors.

so Alhamdulillah Yesterday I again submitted a donation which this time was the sixth stage of the donation for the implementation of the waqf and thank God it happened yesterday that the amount I submitted was Rp. can help our teachers a little in establishing pesantren and building a study hall.

Alhamdulillah yesterday the Submission of Waqf of Tanah Dayah Abu Tumin Stage 6 Through Tgk Rijal Aron : Rp. 10 MILLION To Abah Tu Ahmad. Donor List:

  1. Jefri H Hasballah Permata Tilapia Shop 3 million
  2. Mariati Mahmud 3 million Jama'ah Cot Gadong
  3. Ruslaini syuib 500 thousand Cot Gadong Jama'ah
  4. Fatimah Rani 200rb Jama'ah Cot Gadong
  5. Hj Karnila M. Nur 300rb Cot Gadong Jama'ah
  6. Mariani Mahmud 3 million Jama'ah Banda Aceh
    Waqf can be transferred to BSI: 1058597615
    AN: RIZAL AZHARI, WA 085362473416. Or directly to dayah.

We, the committee and the teacher council, say thank you very much to all donors and all congregations who have become contributors. In the implementation of the waqf, of course, it is all thanks to our cooperation and all of our help for Allah's religion, therefore only Allah is able to repay all the rewards that have been given. donated to waqf land. May Allah make it easy for all his affairs and sustenance and may Allah and all his goals and ideals be achieved.

If there is a donation, you can transfer it to BSI: 1058597615
AN: RIZAL AZHARI, WA 085362473416. Thank you very much Donors2: H. Nurdin Sampoiniet, Bg Razi Lgs, Dr. Syahrizal ENT, Mr. Muarif, Bg Dedi, H Suheri, Bg Syufrizal, P Yunus Saree, Bg Maulana Mly, TM Hananfiah, T Agus Santana, Vina Qta2, Nasriyati, Faridah Mly, Syariani, Bg Safrizal. Bg Idar, etc. only Allah is able to repay it.


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That's my post on this occasion. I hope that what I have written and posted here can all be useful for all of us and become reading material and consideration for all of us.

See you again on another occasion in the next post.

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