The Happiest Sunday, A Very Luxurious Party and the Birth of My Sister's Great Baby


Hello all of my HIVE friends wherever you are, I hope you are always healthy and can carry out all activities smoothly and successfully. See you again on this beautiful and happy night in my post this time about my very important activities from this morning until the evening, which is November 7, 2021, to be exact on Sunday. Where I went to the most extravagant party, my cousin's party, his wedding and also I I got tremendous happiness with the birth of my nephew's child or my sister's child because I immediately took him to the hospital to give birth. So it's a very historic day and full of beautiful moments for me.


Sunday was a special and tiring day for me because there were so many activities that I did that day, namely we were the first to go from North Aceh to Langsa which is 300 km away. The first very important activity I did that day was delivering sister to give birth at the hospital and finally our sister and his wife gave birth at 10 o'clock on Sunday here is a photo.




Furthermore, after our sister gave birth where the baby was born was a son and We named him Muhammad Al Ghazali Alhamdulillah after that around 12 o'clock I had to get ready as well as all the family to attend a party our brother who just returned from Qatar he is Mr. Haji Yusuf , he held a party for his daughter in Langsa City to be precise in paya bujok last Sunday.




When we got there, the atmosphere was very crowded and there were lots of guests and cars parked because the party was very luxurious. Try to see from the photos that I show. Alhamdulillah, coincidentally, because we belong to the family of Mr. Haji Yusuf, we are also welcome to take photos with the bride and groom. can't wait to see the luxurious atmosphere of the party and also when we took a photo together all the event ended around 5 pm after 5 pm I went home returning to the hospital to see my sister who had just given birth along with photos from the party :



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