The Last Ride | Rebirth Island | Call of Duty Warzone



We have a little throwback gameplay on our hands today, a fairly emotional I'd say. Because the OG Warzone and the sweaty days of Rebirth have come to an end.
We've grinded those games and modes well enough, and we were looking forward to having something similar and better in Warzone 2, but I guess that's not happening, not anytime soon.
Modern Warfare 2 is unquestionably a hit, but Warzone 2.0 is still kind of mehh. If you're someone who's used to the fast paced gameplay of Rebirth Island or even Verdansk, then there's no doubt that Warzone 2 won't fit in to your top FPS or BR games list.
Yet, some us are still hopeful; we just might get what we want, or something close at least. It all depends on the devs and studios for now.


The original Warzone we know popped off at lightning speeds, reached gigantic heights too, but the OG map and game just wasn't my thing. It's not like I hated the game or the pacing, that mode and map was just too power hungry, and my PC back then wasn't capable of keeping up, not even close. That is why I had to spent most of my time solo in the Multiplayer modes of Modern Warfare.

We are closing in towards the third year of Warzone, and even though many consider it to be the best game in the BR genre, but I really beg to differ.

If we're being honest, Warzone just got really lucky, thanks to Covid and all the lockdowns, it gained a lot of attention, from both the hardcore gaming scene and the casuals. On top of that, it's an easy game to learn, quite easy to get used to. The skill gap wasn't as high as the other top BR games, and that's exactly what lead them towards acquiring a huge player base. They also got a head start, thanks to the Call of Duty title on their name. No other BR game had such big names backing them up, almost all of them started from scratch with just a few hints and points and something unique to offer. Yes, there's the influence of other popular studios and teams, maybe even previous titles, but non of those names come close to COD and its humongous following and player base.

This gameplay we have here today is quite special, and it's not because of the number of elimination or the damage, it's actually the timing.

As they say you know...

“You never realize the value of something until it's gone"

Now as we play Warzone 2 every now and then, we realize how much of a masterpiece and how unique the original game really is.

Yes, we still have the option to drop into the older game and modes, but we've already invested enough time in that game, it's time to move on now. I have been playing other games whenever I get the chance, but at the end of the day the little hangout spot for me and the boys is in COD. So, we all try our best to manage some time for a little hangout session, and a bit of grinding too.

This gameplay isn't from the normal Rebirth Resurgence mode either, it's actually from the new Rebirth Supreme mode. This mode was a really fun experience, and many players agreed that the devs should've introduced it sooner and not at the end of Warzone's lifespan.

It wasn't much different from the original mode either, you would just get better guns and maybe more cash from the ground. The guns were so good that I barely even got my loadout for most of the matches, yet I still managed to destroy every team I came across. There was also the option of acquiring the Specialist perk from the buy stations. It's crazy how just these little tweaks ended up making such a huge difference; it changed the whole experience and playstyle, and the credit all goes to the devs who came up with this brilliant idea.

Sadly, we couldn't be there for long, because Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2 were right around the corner. And we were all hyped for these newer releases and additions to the franchise; there was also the eagerness to try out something new after so many years.

My next project will probably be a montage, a farewell video for the OG Warzone game and community. It will take quite a bit of time though, at least 2 weeks, because that's how much time my previous montage videos took to finish.

The biggest issue right now is managing time, and then scouring through my footage folder for suitable clips.

Yet, I hope I can get it done ASAP. It's been a while since I've last worked on a montage video of my own, so I surely am hyped.

For now, I hope you guys will enjoy these solid 10 minutes of adrenaline pumping gameplay. And hopefully I'll be able to bring you guys some more exhilarating gameplay from the OG Warzone, because there's something about Warzone 2 that just doesn't feel right. So you never know when me and the mates decide to drop in hot, back in Rebirth Island, ready to dominate.

I'll be signing off from here now, be seeing you folks on the next one.

Cheers & GG 🥃☮️

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