Movie Review : Saw Premeire of Disney's "Onward" Tonight ( very surprised)


Well my wife and the kiddos got our tickets this morning for the disney movie weekend premiere of "Onward".

I was NOT super excited to see this...

because the previews of this animation movie looked very weak, imho. Looked kind of hoke and too childish. Like a bugs bunny cartoon.

But I did get excited...

for the butter popcorn,a 6 snickers fun pack ( which I sneaked in the theater in my 'man purse') and a super large diet coke ( my fav beverage the last couple of years). So I thought at least if the movie sucks I got my money's worth of some good eats ;)

The empty remains of my 6 snickers fun pack, It was yummy !!


Super size diet coke. And I have a very large hand to get an idea of the size. Still drinking it back at the house lol


Boy, I pre-judged this Movie all wrong...

It centered around two elf brothers, Ian and Barley. Barley was a wanna be wizard who thought he knew all the magic in the world. He was... let's say overly confident lol. While Ian was the reserved younger brother who just turned 16 and was very unsure of himself in about every facet of his Life. Just zero confidence.

The boys...

go on this adventure to find a stone that will bring back their deceased Dad. According to the magic involved, the dad will come back for 24 hours and 24 hours only.

It was a great movie...

of self discovery for both brothers. And for an animation movie it had some really deep seated notions like the bonds of sons to their dad and also Love in general.

I won't spoil the ending...

but It's a MUST see for adults and kids. Even if you do not have kids go see it. You will love it as the adult themes are strong in this Movie.

I give this movie a solid 9 out of 10 stars. And luckily I did not trust my misdirected instincts when viewing the trailer for this a few weeks ago.

Good stuff.

Best regards,
Robert Andrew


Very interesting. I probably won't catch it until my nieces or nephews are over at my house. Actually, now that it is probably going to go right to Disney +, I might never get the chance to see it! I am glad that you had a good time and it was a worthwhile movie!