Got a gift along with the giver



Today I came home very late. After taking off my uniform hat, I sat down at the table without changing my clothes. In the chair near the table I always sit after work. There is one magnet that makes me always want to sit there. In the desk drawer was an object I had kept for a long time. It was just a whistle. Very simple and cheap stuff.

I took the whistle and held it gently. But the deep drowsiness made my two eyes close.

Suddenly there was a knock on the door from outside. Two people entered without being greeted first.

"Let's get there right away. Everyone's been waiting for you. You're the only one who hasn't come yet."

"I brought this package with me."

I still don't quite understand. But I quickly followed them.
By riding a motorbike I rode on one of my friends. And there were a lot of people there. Everyone sat in a circle so they could see each other. I know them very well. When we got there the show had already started.
A woman came forward to guide the event.
"Friends, on this occasion we will exchange gifts.
All gifts brought from home must be collected immediately."
All friends advance to the center of the circle. Don't forget the friends who pick you up also collect packages taken from the table at home.

The host of the event gave the rules for exchanging gifts. Everyone takes turns to choose a gift on the condition that they are not allowed to take their own gifts. Gifts must also be opened together so that it will be a surprise for the recipient.

Finally, all participants got a turn to take the gifts.
After everyone finished taking the gifts, the guide asked everyone to open the gifts together. She advised whatever the contents of the gift should never be thrown away because this is proof of friendship.
With a countdown, all gifts are opened. When they saw the contents of the gifts, all participants expressed their emotions. Some are happy because the gifts they receive are in line with expectations. There are also those who feel sad because it is not as expected.
Ira, one of the women opened the gift and laughed and then covered her face because she was embarrassed.

"Why?" asked the other side with a surprised look.
"Let's see," while showing the contents of the gift.
She just smiled then chuckled.
"The number is the right size?"
Ira nodded.
"How did the sender know my bra size?"
"Maybe you are destined to be married some day."
I watched them then remembered the box my friend brought.
"That's gift for my sister's birthday bra. It is from mother," I thought.
My sister is almost the same stature as Ira. The only problem is that my mother will ask for a gift for my sister. But I don't think about it anymore.
It's time for me to open the gift I got. Gifts in cardboard boxes wrapped in batik-patterned wrapping paper. Actually, it's a bit of a shame to have to open this beautiful looking gift. But in the end, I also tore off the wrapping paper and slowly opened the cardboard box and saw something inside.
"What gift did you get?"
I raised it with my right hand while shouting.
Almost all of my friends turned to me because of my loud voice, Ira was no exception.
I had heard she whisper to the friend beside her.
"That's from me."
"Could it be he who..." without continuing the sentence and only glancing at the bra in the package that Ira got.
Ira just sighed while patting her friends on the shoulder.
After all the events were over we went back to our respective homes.
I was brought back by a friend who picked me up. At the crossroads, the traffic was very congested. This is because the traffic lights are off so things get chaotic. At that time no police had come to deal with it. Seeing the condition, I remember the whistle I got from the gift exchange. I also happened to be a traffic controller in front of the school when I came home from school or when I started school. So I dared to stand in the middle of the intersection while using a whistle to regulate the flow of cars and other vehicles. Experience as a traffic controller and gift whistle can help overcome traffic jams. It took almost an hour for the new traffic to unravel and run normally. Then the traffic light came back on and the police came. At the same time the driver gave me a tip. The police saw the incident and immediately called me. He accused me of bullying the drivers. I insisted on denying it. But the policeman didn't believe it and wanted to grab the whistle because it would be used as evidence. I tried to defend against the police attempt to seize him. The strong police hand can catch my hand and snatch the whistle. I can only scream as loud as I can while trying to get back.
"My whistle..My whistle. Give me back my whistle,"
Suddenly a soft hand grabbed my hand.
"Here's your whistle," came the soft voice of a woman. A voice I know very well. I turned in the direction the voice came from. I opened my eyes and I saw a face that I also knew very well. Ira's face.
"You had a nightmare?" she asked.
I just nod.
"How can a dream of a whistle turn into a nightmare?" she continued while gesturing to take off my uniform.
I was just silent then I looked into her eyes and turned to the whistle I was holding. I immediately took off my clothes and change a t-shirt. Ira smiled. Ira is a girl who gave me a whistle as a gift. I got a gift along with the giver. Because since the gift exchange, we became closer and told her about the origin of the bra she got. I attended the police academy and then served in the end and married Ira.

Best regard from Indonesia.

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