High Expectations Can Make a Difference

Not every parent wants to raise an exceptional child. In fact, I’d go so far as to say that most parents aren’t concerned with extraordinary performance at all. Their children will be fine as long as they are healthy and happy, right? It might seem like this is the case, but even if it isn’t something that you aspire to, having high expectations for your children can make a big difference in their lives—and even in yours. Read on to learn more about why high expectations are essential to success, and how you can set them without making your kids feel pressured or stressed out.


Identify your high standards

You might not think that having high standards would make much of a difference in your life, but it can. When you have high standards, you hold yourself to a higher level of accountability. You're also more likely to achieve your goals because you're constantly pushing yourself to reach new levels. Additionally, high standards often lead to greater satisfaction in life. People who have high standards tend to be happier and more fulfilled than those who don't. Having expectations for yourself will help you stay on track and avoid disappointing yourself when things don't go as planned. One way to practice setting the bar high is by creating an ideal day for yourself, or at least trying to set one up for tomorrow morning. What's the best possible way you could start your day? What if this was your perfect Saturday? By identifying the positive aspects of an ideal situation and thinking about how they'll feel on a daily basis, you'll know what it feels like to have success and happiness.


Compare yourself with who you were yesterday

It's been said that the only person you should compare yourself to is who you were yesterday. Why? Because it's the only way to track your own personal growth. When you compare yourself to others, you're only setting yourself up for disappointment. And when we don't get what we want or expect, our reactions are often unproductive and negative.

Celebrate Every Small Victory

Today marks a significant milestone in my personal journey- I am now cancer free for one year. Though this particular challenge is behind me, I remember all too well the challenges that came with it. During treatment, it was the little things that kept me going. A smile from a stranger. A kind word from a friend. The support of my family. And knowing that I had to fight- not just for myself, but for them as well. My friends and family may have been fighting by my side, but I knew that they were also at risk for being affected by what I had gone through. Cancer isn't always limited to one person.
It's important to be thankful and celebrate every small victory because every battle won matters on your way back up from the bottom.


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