Hello! Is anyone there?


One of the reasons I left cryptocurrency writing webs is the lack of interaction with my posts. In these sites tipically there is an imbalance between writers and readers. There are so many content that it is very difficult to get noticed, and creating anything that nobody is going to see doesn´t have sense at all.

Of course there are some solutions about that. One of them is using promotion services. There are several options: the bounties for the comments, post promotion through sending SBD to @null and the bid bots. Communities and specialization of the content of your account can also help. However, I have never found a solution for me, so I kept posting and posting, usually not receiving views but only rewards from bots and @actifit. However, that´s not enough for keeping me motivated.

Maybe my content is just not good enough and I should forget about using these services. There are millions of persons trying to get fame in Youtube, Instagram and other services but only a few people can get it.

So, my advice for everybody that came here to get his salary is don´t get obsessed with it. Maybe your wish will come true, but it is very likely it won´t, so make a plan B. Fortunately, I have my chemistry degree and I am earning a salary from it, so this is just a hobby.

If you like watching gameplays, you can visit my channel at lbry.tv. Recently I posted a Humankind gameplay, a turn-strategy game cvilization-like which currently is in beta. If you are intereseted please watch it.