My Garden Journal//The harvest season is coming soon

Hello all friends


These few days I've been a little busy taking care of my plants, some plants are currently entering the harvest season, let's take a look at the plants in my backyard

  • Banana








There are several types of bananas here, such as barangan bananas, mas bananas and wak bananas, coincidentally one stem mas banana is bearing fruit whose fruit size has started to grow

In the photo you can also see some banana seeds that have started to grow, and what you need to know, I didn't plant the new banana seeds at all, they all grew on their own in the former banana tree that I cut down, that's the advantage of planting bananas , broken one, grows a thousand that's the saying likens it

For maintenance, I don't give fertilizer or anything like that, everything grows naturally, I just clean and move some seeds to other places, so they can live more fertile, too crowded I think a little bush and they will lack nutrients

Among the trees, two of which are entering the harvest period, here are the photos



The small one is banana mas while the big one is banana barangan(banana ayam), that's what we call this type of banana, how is it called in your country, comment on this post so I know how you guys call it these two types of bananas

Maybe you are wondering why there are piles of wood around the banana tree, so I'll explain, first the wood is the wood of my uncle who happened to be making a clothesline in my backyard, here it is

  • Mango


That is my uncle, I also took this moment to take some wood from him, which I will use as a peg for my mango, here's a photo






It is a type of honey mango, whose tree size can reach about 3 meters later, I purposely put the wood so that it grows straight and looks beautiful later

Initially I used bamboo as the peg, but since my uncle has unused wood, I will take it and replace the old peg with it, tomorrow might be the right time to replace the peg

In the bottom photo, you may be able to catch a glimpse of the appearance of the star fruit tree, so you are not curious, I will upload the photo for all of you

  • Vegetable star fruit



I call it vegetable starfruit because in our place this fruit is indeed used as an ingredient for cooking, even if it is dried and made into sunti acid you will buy it at a fairly high price in the market, and what makes me wonder, why do people here prefer to buy rather than plant it themselves, even though this tree is very easy to grow and does not need any maintenance at all, it can live for decades, can you believe it, that the star fruit tree you see is 20 years old

Speaking of cooking, I also have other plants that are often used as vegetables, namely pawpaw flowers




Have you ever eaten it, I don't know what your expression will be when you hear me say this, to be honest, where I come from, this plant is also a vegetable that is often cooked and widely available in restaurants, not only the flowers, even the leaves are also cooked as salad ( snacks), it tastes bitter and I don't like it, even though this plant is beneficial for health, I still don't like it because of the bitter taste

Now the next one that is entering the harvest period is water guava

  • Guava water





This is a type of honey water guava and is an export seed from abroad, I don't know exactly where it came from because this is a seed given from my friend, it tastes quite sweet and fresh, some of which can also be picked and enjoyed

However, due to the erratic weather, some of the guava fruit also rotted and fell from the tree, the weather in my place is completely unpredictable, sometimes it is hot, sometimes it rains, nothing is certain about the climate here.



It's a pity, isn't it, but that's nature, at least I've tried to take care of it, but all didn't fall in vain, I gave this fallen fruit to my ducks and chickens they also like this water guava fruit

And lastly, the plant that is also entering the next harvest period is rambutan

  • Rambutan






In a previous post, I have also shared about rambutan trees, but this is different, this is a rambutan tree in my backyard, while what I posted yesterday was rambutan on the front page

I can't wait to taste this rambutan, the fruit has started to turn red which indicates that soon I will be able to enjoy the fruit

I have a fairly large area in my backyard, which I can use to plant whatever I like, some of the yard has also been overgrown with weeds because I don't have enough time to clean it, most of the plants I plant are plants that don't need to be planted. take special care, it's all a matter of time, of all the plants you see, I never fertilize them at all, I only give natural fertilizer (compost) for them

Well, that's all I can say in my plant journal this time, I hope you guys like it, see you in the next post, there are still many plants that I haven't shared with you

All photos I took with the Samsung S21 Ultra camera and edited with Picsart



Your big garden is a real paradise and I can only imagine how much you love all those plants you grow in it.
The country where I live has a completely different climate, and none of these plants grow there. I haven't even heard of most of them. Only of bananas, which are just bananas 😄


Hey friend, I think that guava can Live anywhere, maybe you can find out on the internet whether it is suitable in your country or not

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I also just tried bananas out of those. The trees looks very happy!


Hey thanks for your visit and support, it means a lot

I also still have some other plants that I will share