Regional snacks (bakwan jagung)


Hello Hivers

Hi all my friends, this is my first post in this community, where I want to share about a local food that is quite popular in my area which is often called bakwan, in some areas bakwan is also known as the term bala-bala which is a food made from several vegetables mixed with flour, and cooked by frying, bakwan itself has many variations of its contents, we can mix several types of vegetables in it, as I want to share this time for example, this is a type of corn fritters, and I happen to be able to make it, I used to be a nomad, as a nomad of course I have to be able to cook, right? let's start the discussion in more detail, prepare the following materials

Main ingredients


Here I make only small portions, there are only a few pieces of bakwan that will be produced from the ingredients we will use, here are the details of the ingredients I use

  • 1 sweet corn
  • 1 carrot
  • 100gr of cabbage
  • 100gr bread flour (Wheat flour)
  • 2 cloves of shallots
  • 2 cloves of garlic
  • 2 Pecan
  • pepper (Customized)
  • cayenne pepper (To taste)
  • 2 Leeks
  • 2 sop leaves (Celery)
  • Salt (to taste)

Those are the ingredients we need to make bakean corn, I also add some other vegetables such as carrots and cabbage, and that's fine too, it will actually add to the enjoyment, and here I don't use a lot of wheat flour because I prefer a lighter taste. crunchy, I reduced the amount of flour from the amount it should be, I did this on purpose so that the taste of the vegetables was even more pronounced and also more crunchy when enjoying it, and now let's start with the steps to make this special snack

step 1


First, let's start with the carrots, because this is a long process, we have to cut the carrots as thin as possible so that they cook faster when fried later, and to be honest, this is a tedious job, but because I myself am still not very healthy, that's why I'm looking for something to keep me busy so I don't get bored, I almost spent an hour just cutting this carrot as thin and small as possible

After that, proceed with the corn, wash the corn first, then cut only the flesh, and for the corn we also have to cut it thinly, to make it easier for us during the frying process later, you can cut the corn kernels into two parts for each seed

step 2


Next, cut the cabbage, celery and green onions, also in the thinnest possible pieces, for the shape of the pieces you can cut them however you like, I only suggest cutting them thin and small so that everything is cooked evenly when fried later, and this part is a little faster than before, only when cutting carrots we need a lot of time, especially for an amateur like me, cooking is not my specialty, I can only cook, incidentally my mother is also a person who is often ordered to cook when there is a certain event in the village me, that's why I know many types of cooking, but that's not what I want to discuss, we return to the topic, if all the vegetables have been cut all, then put everything in one container, as shown below


After we cut it into pieces, the vegetables look more and more, and place all the vegetables in a large container so that it's easy for us to stir later, and up to this step, all about the vegetables has been completed, now we enter the next step

step 3


For the spice ingredients, we blend everything finely, cut all the spice ingredients into small pieces to make the grinding process easier, and just add a little water as shown in the picture above, too much water will have an effect on the dough later, grind all the spices until they are completely smooth

step 4



Next, put all the grinded spices into the container containing the chopped vegetables that we prepared earlier, then add enough salt, here I put a teaspoon of salt, and after that put all the flour into the container, until it looks like the last picture

So, up here I think the steps are not that difficult right, just a little complicated because we use a lot of materials, but you don't need to worry because everything will pay off later

step 5


After all the spices are added, the next step is to mix all the ingredients into a dough, and here it will be seen if we lack water, try not to make the mixture too thick and not too runny, just look like the one in the picture above, too much water will it makes it difficult for us to fry it, as well as if there is a lack of water, for exact measurements I can't give details, because I myself had added water several times, everything will be seen when the mixture is thoroughly mixed

step 6


This is the last step, which is to heat the pan and then fry, now for this frying process, I use a spoon so that the dough is balanced and also helps me to adjust the dosage, even though the shape is not all the same, what is important is the end result, and when frying, the fire The one we use shouldn't be too big, otherwise the outside will burn, while the vegetables are not yet cooked, so because of this, the frying process takes a little time, and I deliberately fried it in a medium pan with only 4 bakwan once fried, so it's more it cooks quickly, wait until the color turns golden yellow, then we can remove it and drain the oil first

Final result




Now this is the end result of our struggle this time, this is what is called bakwan, for the taste you will know after trying it later, I guarantee you will not be disappointed in terms of taste

This bakwan is usually enjoyed in the afternoon, and here we can easily find the sale of this snack. Coffee is the best partner to enjoy this food, and it is usually eaten with sauce or cayenne pepper.

Bakwan itself has several versions, not all bakwan use corn, many other types of vegetables are used to make this food, well, here is a display of its contents




The taste of savory sweet corn is really delicious, especially when eaten while it's still hot, the savory taste is even more pronounced, the combination of several vegetables in the bakwan dough is also healthy, so there's no reason to refuse this type of food, isn't it, many people even make the food this as a business, because there are so many devotees

So, for this first meeting, that's all I can share, I hope you like it and see you soon

Note; all pictures were taken with a smartphone camera and edited with picsart



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