The beauty of old gill mushrooms

Millions of types of mushrooms are scattered in all corners of the world, some of which are easy to find in the area around where we live, as I will share this time, for example, I found the same type of mushroom, but with a different shape and beauty, this is my contribution for #fungifriday by @ewkaw

Sources say this mushroom belongs to a type of gill fungus or Gymnopilus which is spread all over the world, and often grows on hard wood, but mushrooms the gills that I found this time look old and almost dead, but the beauty still looks attractive, even the gills it has are very beautiful, pay attention to the picture below

The shape of the gills is very beautiful, even though part of the umbrella has disappeared somewhere, the soft gill lines make the beauty of the gills it has not diminish at all even though it is almost dead, and the color is also slightly different from other gill mushrooms, one of which also looks slightly different, the stem is bigger, and the umbrella they have is also different, even though they grow in the same place and the same type of mushroom too, that's what makes this mushroom interesting to watch

Not far from the first location, I also found another group of old mushrooms, and this is also the same type as the previous mushroom, but I didn't take too many pictures of this mushroom, because its growing position is very difficult to photograph, and at the same time closing our meeting, thank you and see you soon

Note; all pictures were taken with a smartphone camera and edited with lightrhoom + picsart